Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No, I Did Not Elope

I 've been MIA for some days now, but it's not because I met someone at the wedding and ran off to Vegas. I took this weekend to recover from the wedding (deets on that in the morning!), reading and driving to see friends and babies.

Oh, and I haven't been to work since Thursday. I had the amazing opportunity to attend the ASME Magazine Workshop - a two-day program for junior editors filled with panel discussions, editing exercises, tips on improving your craft and the chance to ask top editors questions and listen to their tricks of the trade. It made me fall in love with writing all over again - I just couldn't get enough these last two days. It made me realize there's so much to learn and aspire to always become better.

Which is good because when I return to the office, I'm taking off running with a featurette I need to have done in a week and a half...so I can take off on a press trip I was told about today.

Love this job!

P.S. The Yankees vs Phillies World Series starts tomorrow!

Image: Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische


  1. LOL! I saw your update on my blog list and had to laugh! Well it would have been a fun story had you of went off to Vegas and got married by Elvis!

    The ASME Magazine Workshop sounds like a great opportunity for you.

    Do you get to go somewhere cool for your press trip? It is always better to travel for work when it is a place you would like to visit.

    I can't wait for the World Series! So exciting!

  2. joy, yes, the title was a nod to you! And I'm excited about the trip. It's domestic, but a state I'd never set foot in :)

    dariany, no!! Phillies all the way!!! Aww, remember the great disaster that was live blogging the 2008 All Stars? Oh man, fun times...

  3. Yeah, glad you love your job. That is a thing not many can say.

  4. good for you, dorkys! and going somewhere you've never been for free is always a plus :)

  5. Awesome awesome awesome. Love the title. Definitely eye-catching!!

    Odessa's right...so long as the trip's free and someplace you've never been too...it's all good!

  6. I know!! I'm excited! The only thing is the passport situation. It's been expired since July (unacceptable I know) and I'm not sure if it's now needed for domestic flights or if my license will do. Either way I need to get it renewed ASAP because I'd hate to miss out on any international trips because of my procrastinating ways.

  7. For a domestic flight, a driver's licence is fine.

    Hmm... what state would be cool... I'm rooting for Seattle in Washington state!

    p.s., I'm glad you are back!!! :)


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