Saturday, November 28, 2009

Advent Calendar Round-Up

The countdown to Jesus' birthday is on! And unlike last year, this time I'm all in.
Here's how to spread the goodies and the love all month long.

This fabric calendar is so colorful and fun, I'd be tempted to leave it up year-round.
(via The Crafty Crow)

Or how about a paper cone version made by the little ones? (via Whip Up)

I'm also loving these simple little bags and recycled newspaper designs.
(So basically, I'm all over anything hung up with clothespins and thread!)

Nice Package has a how-to for a mini envelope advent tree!

Or head to Mibo for a free printable calendar. (via How About Orange)

How sweet is this one though? Jordan even offers up a list of special ways
to celebrate the entire holiday season. And this year I cannot wait :)


  1. These are gorgeous. And impossible for my house. With an ADHD teen, every door/package/paper lid would be opened each and every day until I was driven to insanity. But the idea is so lovely & tempting!

  2. Cute ideas. Im still in bah-humbug mode...

  3. I love these ideas! My mother used to give me and my brother advent calendars every year when we were young. I've been trying to think of ways I could make a reusable one and I like some of these a lot. Just need to figure out what to fill them with...

  4. I'll be lucky to get a tree up soon. I love that you're excited though. :) It'll help me as this week progresses. My goal is the tree and decorations my end of week Friday. That means I need to try and get some stuff done today....too bad I'm in a house 2 hours from my own. Into the car we go!

    Happy Sunday to you. Enjoy your day and behave!

  5. I have a felt tree that has a little ornament that you hang up every day, ending with the star on top.
    I had a similar one growing up so love it.

  6. ah i love advent calenders! i grew up with one every year, with little belgian chocolates in the spaces. But I really like the little packages on string idea, and the mini envelope tree. so cute!

  7. Those are all so creative! Mah idea of Christmas cheer is forcing mah grumpy butt into rush hour traffic two dayz before the holidays and cursing out everyone I see (little children included) who don't get the hell outta mah way as I try to speed off to Old Navy to buy gift cards for everyone on mah shopping list.

  8. I have decided to make an advent calendar for my friend who is adopting a baby as part of her shower gift. It's a long story, but basically they consider this adoption a "Christmas miracle", and put a lot of trust in their faith. So, what better way to do a "count down to the birth of Jesus" and the "countdown to the birth of baby" with an advent calendar! These are great ideas...thank you for sharing! : )

  9. I am thinking about doing this too, but I am afraid that I won't be able to keep up. I think I may just make a list of things I want to do this December and do them without having specific dates tied to them.

    I am looking forward to seeing your countdown!

  10. Hello fellow dork! I love dorks.
    And I am super in love with those count down cones.

    I am so making those so that my tribe of kids will stop asking me every 12 seconds if Santa is coming.

    hello from SITS and Happy Monday. Fun blog. I love fun.

  11. Cute ideas! I'm still sticking to the one I have with little chocolates behind the numbered doors though! :)

  12. I'm wondering why you are so excited... :) Has Santa already told you that you were on the "nice" list?

  13. These are so cute!! I'm afraid chocolates win for me though :)

  14. This is so fun! I love that fabric calendar at the very top.


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