Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday! I Got Canned.

That's right boys and girls. This morning I rolled into work after a lovely 5-day press trip and got the wonderful news. And oddly enough, I'm taking it A LOT easier than I imagined I would. Yes, I was caught off guard and yes, I'm worried, but it's been jokes and laughs so far. I mean let's face it. The way things have been going in the magazine and newspaper world, you'd have to be dumb as a rock - or a literary genius - to not fear for your job. But still, you never know when it'll be your time to go.

So now I'll be Latina's Contributing Editor. What? You thought they'd get rid of me that easily? No way. And I have to look on the bright side: now I can dedicate my time to doing what I want to do: write. Who knows? Maybe I'll get to travel more too! I can't control this and all I can do is roll with the punches and seriously get my hustle on. I still do have bills to pay you know.

And so it's onto the next chapter.

P.S. Had to be on Friday the 13th, huh.

P.P.S. Let's cheer ourselves up with some Happy Friday links, shall we? (Don't front like you didn't let out a gasp for me.)

My former editor/mentor/friend wrote Canned: A 10-Step Program
after she was laid off a year ago. I think it's time I re-read it.
Yay for free airport WiFi at select locations! Too bad it wasn't available when I was stuck at my layover stop for three hours yesterday.
(But I did run into one of my high school BFFs there!)
Apparently you can learn stuff from porn.
I've yet to get sucked into the madness that is Twilight, but if you have,
Stephenie Meyer will be on Oprah today.
And if you still refuse to read the series, maybe you'll be interested in
Harvard Lampoon's version, Nightlight: A Parody, instead. (I am!)
Now that I have the time, I want to make cute little craft projects. How perfect would this toast keychain be? Or maybe freezer paper stenciling? Or a coffee stencil?
Anybody excited for Fantastic Mr. Fox? (I think I'll skip out on 2012.)



  1. How dare they. :( But you're not completely canned....though? Did they just knock you to part time or something, as editor only, and not writer? Help me out with what this all means.

    For means I'm happy you have more time to focus on what you truly want, but it also means I'm mad for you. Even if you aren't. That's what friends are for, after all.

    You have a good weekend, relax...and hit Monday with a new stride for what you WANT!

  2. I'm glad to hear that you're taking it well, and that you can now do more writing. For all we know, this is just what you needed to get that Bestseller out of your head, on to your laptop, and out to the rest of the world!

    Life sure does know how to throw the punches—I'm a full-time entrepreneur, so I KNOW—but it's what we do, not what happens to us, that helps shape our path.

  3. I'm stunned.

    I hope that your contributing writing goes well - I assume thats a "freelance" sort of deal?

    The timing of this is all the more unbelievable.

    Nothing like a 3 hour flight delay to preceed getting laid-off...

    :( *hugs*

  4. So sorry!! Glad you still have something though. This economy really is crazy.
    And I hate to admit it, but I did get suckered into the Twilight but totally missed Stephenie on Oprah!

  5. tooj, thanks buddy. I'm not mad at all because I understand the situation behind this. It's inconvenient and I'll be trying to make ends meet for a while, but it could have been a lot worse. I won't be on staff anymore (so adios benefits), but I will be contributing (writing) regularly. I'd also started working on things on the side which I hope come to pass soon!

    execumama, that's what people keep telling me. This is the kick in the rear I need to get it together and do whatever I want to do. I just hope I don't sink in the process.

    intense guy, I don't think I was as shocked as I thought I'd be either. For the past year, there's been this constant stress and fear as all these other magazines either fell or laid countless people off. Now that it finally happened to me, I can breathe and move on.

    And yes, I'll still be on as a freelancer writing for the magazine and website.

    emmy, it really is. And I'm sure the clip is floating around the Internet somewhere. Hope you get to catch it!

  6. Dorkys I am so sorry about your job! You are such a talented writer though, so you will certainly move far beyond this! It will be exciting to see what new adventures you get yourself into! :)

  7. I'm sorry! You're taking it on the chin though. I hope this does open up some new doors for you. Thinking of you....

  8. I love your outlook on the whole situation. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to write your greatest novel or travel to the places that you have dreamed. At least don't discount the possibilities.
    Reach for the Stars!!!

  9. Sorry to hear about your job.Your positive outlook is inspiring!

    Carol :)

  10. I am sorry this happened, but happy to see that you're remaining positive despite the situation! : )

  11. I'm so sorry! But you sound like you're staying positive about it, which is just incredibly impressive. Good luck! And who knows- this might just be the start of your big break!

  12. Dude, I admire your personal control during this situation. I would be a total effing mess and it's great you have such a rational, understanding and almost positive view on it all. You iz mah hero.

  13. I was fired the day I got back from my honeymoon. Less than a week ago. So, of course, I started a blog about it. Good luck landing on your feet!

    Found you through SITS.

  14. such dreadful news for a sweet girl! your attitude is wonderful and I admire your easy indulgence on the bright side of this unfortunate turn. I have a feeling good good things will come of this...

  15. I don't know that I totally understand your current state of employment, but I love your positive attitude about it! And I know things will work out the way they're supposed to. I don't believe in fate or anything, but I know that when we do what we need to do, things turn out okay.

  16. Hi Dorkys, I'm sorry to hear about you getting fired. That just sucks. Your attitude is spot on!

    Oh and on a previous post that I just read, foreign accents are a definite turn on - especially English, Australian, Italian... but not German!

  17. That sucks!

    "Welcome home... You're fired!"

    Real nice... NOT!

    Glad you're not letting it get to you though!

  18. Awww...I am sorry to hear the news! I hope you find something with benefits soon.

  19. Sorry about your job. I left the publishing industry two years ago and know the stress and the relief. Keep your head up and new doors will open.

  20. Ooh, lady, I'm sorry to hear your bad news. I really hope this turns into a positive thing for will! You're a great writer and now you have some freedom to really do what you want!

  21. I'm so sorry. :(
    I was laid of in July. It's not an easy process, but it is a freeing one.

  22. sorry to hear that Dorkys....I'm also in the magazine biz, and fearing my time to go may be approaching... :/

    also, cant's waitttt to see fantastic mr. fox.


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