Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees Win World Series

What you wanted more?

Blah. I'm going to bed :(

(You did good, Phils.)

P.S. I can't believe the season is over...


  1. LETS GO YANKEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Yeah i wanted more...i wanted a play by play of how he waxed those a***s!!! But the 27th World Championship Title would suffice... WOHOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Oh like I was going to give you that satisfaction. Psshhh!

    27...greedy bastards...

  3. Let's go Yankees!! I wanted to cry of happiness last night.

    The Phils did good, they're are good team. Way better than the poor Mets.

  4. that your team lost. Still, it's not at all embarrassing to be the second best.

  5. Winter is so...blah...without baseball.

  6. At least you had a season that extended....some of us who (half-heartedly) support other teams never get past September. But of is underway at that point, basketball on its heels...we're happy enough. :) (Karen doesn't know what she's talking about - winter being blah. Try the fast sports, ladies. Winter will speed by as long as you don't step outdoors!)

  7. Even though I'm from NY, I'm just not a baseball fan. The season lasts FOR-EV-A and my husband loves to watch. Blech!

    Bring on the nachos and football!!!

  8. It would be nice to have the world series end in the beginning of October.. Maybe they should hack about 20 games off the regular season?

    I'm ashamed to admit I fell asleep in the 3d inning and missed the ending of the last game.

  9. It's ok. My sis (the Yankee fan) and I (the Phillie fan) watched the last game together and we were both so incredibly tired that whole night. She kept passing out during the last half, but of course woke right up in that final inning.


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