Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally! The First Gay Marriage in Latin America

Earlier this month, I wrote a quick write up for Latina.com about an Argentine couple's plans to have Latin America's first gay marriage and the last-minute monkey wrench that was flung into their dream. Well this morning I was happy to learn that they tied the knot yesterday!

And then I started reading the comments. It's frightening the way some people think. I get jokes and am not easily offended, but when I stop to think that some actually believe the crap they spew, it scares the bejesus out of me. (Just imagine how I felt when I attended an Ann Coulter event in grad school out of sheer curiosity. *Shudders*)

I just don't get what's so horrible about two people in love wanting to dedicate their lives to each other and gather the benefits a marriage provides. Why do people want to dictate everybody else's life?

I don't understand how those who jump for Jesus can be so cruel to their neighbors. It seems hypocritical to pick and follow only those parts of the Bible that sit well with you. If you're so quick to condemn, you'd be better be guaranteed canonization when you kick the bucket.

Gather everyone living with AIDS, ship them off to an island and leave them there? I mean really, who's the sick one here?

I don't even know why I get mad over ignorance. It seems like a waste of energy much better used elsewhere. Maybe because it's nearly 2010 and mentalities still haven't changed much. It's been incredibly slow-going and any lessons reaching our kids are just being undone once they get home to their parents.

That said, I have to add that although I wish for gay rights and all that good stuff, I get annoyed when a celeb or public figure comes out and makes headlines. I can't wait until being gay isn't this great big thing that needs to be plastered on the front page; that it doesn't send shock waves through a community. I can't wait until someone announces their sexual preference and the result is a resounding, "Yeah? Big whoop."

Until then, ¡que vivan los novios!

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  1. Living in Cali, the last presidential election was bittersweet for me because of the simultaneous passage of Prop. 8. In my opinion all those religious zealots who are so adamantly anti-gay marriage are awfully selective about their following of the bible and not very good Christians. This is a particular pet peeve of mine.
    One thing about internet comments, you are sure to loose IQ points reading them, there seem to be a lot of people who have nothing better to do than troll. Hmm, maybe I should end this comment now before I get lumped into that category :)

  2. Ignorance=danger... I strongly believe that. And to justify it with quotes from the bible,.. just adding it to the danger.
    Nothing more beautiful than two people in love,.. Adding to the beauty, are people accepting it, and celebrating it with the two people in love.

  3. great post!LOVE IS LOVE
    stopping by from SITS

  4. Much like you can support anything with the creative use of statistics - you can can do the same with quoting in the bible. Its really a masterpeice in ambiguity second only to the USA's tax code.

    Moderation in everything - fanaticism is something to be avoided at all cost! :)

    I hope the happy couple have many years of bliss.

  5. Hey there!

    Thanks for the post! I can't believe how MEAN people are! Wow, it is really disgusting! It's really a disgrace and I had to stop reading half way down the page because it was enough... I'm from Cali, too....
    Take care and Happy New Year to you!

  6. You went to a Coulter event? You're brave! :-p

    I wish the couple a lot of happiness. What a beautiful picture of them :-)

  7. Probably last month or so, I heard them talking about the intention to marry. Good news that they got a chance to go through with it! Coming from a household with 2 married moms, I can only hope these trends continue and these unions are considered legitimate, recognized marriages.

    This summer I stayed at a hostel in Santa Monica and shared a room with a woman who came out from the midwest to stop gay marriages. I wondered who really has time for these kind of antics :P

  8. Great post, and I agree!

    It doesn't matter whether you prefer the same sex or the opposite sex... It's a matter of personal preference, and no big deal. I hope the change of opinion and lack of shock whenever someone turns out to be gay happens in your lifetime, so that you can live to see that there is hope for this world after all.

  9. Are you saying that people were commenting that people with AIDS should have to live on some island like the people that had leprosy? COME ON.

    Do they think only gay people get AIDS? Your mom, and sister and cousin and best friend can get AIDS. It's not just for gay people.

    Ignorance is far reaching.

    And yes, while I dont agree with homosexual marriage, it drives me BONKERS for some redneck living with his girlfriend to spew the Bible at a gay man for wanting to get married. Hey, at least the guy has the right idea...wanna try it?

    And I'm a BIBLE BELIEVING, Jesus Freak. But hypocrites are hypocrites. OOPS...is that okay to say?

  10. Fantastic post. People can be so ignorant.

  11. Just went to read those comments... and all I can say is "scary!" Truly, scary.

  12. I really liked Iggy's comments. It's a sensible approach, and would be well served if others took it.

    As liberal as I feel that I am, I find myself (in a crazy way on a crazy day) understanding the hypocrits who spew the Bible talk at homosexuality. I, personally, always feel "live and let live"....and what comes in the end, comes in the end. We have no true idea about who is right and who is wrong, if there is even a distinction made in the end.

    I struggle with the fact that indeed we were given the miraculous (in my opinion) ability to create life, so there must be SOME purpose to man and woman being together....but it never equates into distain, hatred, or vulgarity for those who find love with a partner where they CAN'T create life. I can't bring myself to think because one is so fitting, the other is not.

    I ponder so much about what intentions are for us being here, living these lives....I just have questions and no answers, so therefore I have no judgments. I only wish others took Iggy's approach with moderation and consideration and self-reflected enough to know that they may NOT actually know....you know?

  13. It's posts like this that make me tear-up. I'm serial. Boooootiful!

  14. I agree completely! I have never understood how people can say that according to the bible it is wrong to be gay. Last time I checked the bible said that you shall not judge.

    I have many friends that are gay and I hate to think of the ignorance that they have to face. I have heard people say that they are that way because they want to be. One of my friends almost killed herself rather than tell her mom that she had a girlfriend. Wouldn't the white picket fence with a handsome fellow have been the easiest choice if she could have been straight instead?

    I got into that debate with coworkers a couple of weeks ago when a gay couple made the news for wanting to adopt. My coworkers thought that they should not be able to get the child. That is so sad to me, because if these people could provide a loving home for a homeless child that should be first and foremost.

    Many years ago couples of different races got looks on the street, where in most places now nobody really cares. Hopefully in a few years the same can be said for same sex couples. We can hope it is sooner than later!

  15. I was going to comment on Tooj's comment and then thought maybe I shouldn't and... well, you know how that goes.

    I too ponder about what (if any) "intentions" there are for us being here on the planet Earth, living these lives... and I have questions and no answers...

    I do have some thoughts... Life perpetuates itself - but is that our only "reason for being"? To perpetuate the speices?

    If so - I'm a complete failure - Should I be eliminated and removed from the herd? I wouldn't really protest "going" but I do hope there is "more" to life than making more life - but what that "more" might be - I really don't know.

    I am not gay and I am not in a "union". Some animals reproduce without "unions" and some have them (e.g., Geese that mate for life) - and some animals just don't pass along their DNA.

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