Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I went to my first blog meet-up last night with a group of 20 Something Bloggers at Fat Cat. Of course I get there, the place is packed and I have no clue what anybody looks like! Thankfully, Andrew found me and we spent the night chatting it up. I wish I'd met the others who apparently were there somewhere, but I had a fun time regardless :)

My friend JK and I have a new hangout spot: Tonic. So far the two times I've been there have been pretty interesting/hilarious. Plus, ladies drink free Wednesdays 8-9PM.

I've been busy with a story due Monday (among other things) so I've been super behind on my holiday to-dos and blog stuff, but I'll get reorganized on Tuesday, promise. In the meantime...

The milk teefs are up to their cute little antics again.
This surprised kitty is soo stinkin' adorable!
The results of Slate's "Write Like Sarah Palin" contest = hilarious.
Know what else is funny? Josh singing "Leavin'." Or anything for that matter.
Amazon is giving away a new holiday song download every day til Christmas! (via Sugarlens)

Are you guys all set for the season? I've yet to start, but I keep reading about people who
are ALL DONE!! What planet are they from? Please tell me you're procrastinating, too.

P.S. How magical do The Shops at Columbus Circle look?


  1. i love those milk teef!!
    and, don't worry. i still have so much shopping to do. rather, crafting to do. i've decided to make a lot of gifts this year, which is pretty time consuming..

    speaking of crafting: i haven't forgotten that i need to send you something handmade and cool! don't worry, it'll come...eventually :]
    just let me know if you move.

  2. Im sorry we missed you last night! But we are planning another meet up soon. Stay tuned =)

  3. Haha, so you went for a group meet but basically ended up on a date. Classic :P

    Was going to ask if people looked like you thought they would in real life!

  4. blythe, yeah I also have several things to make and time's ticking away. And no worries, I'll be here for a while.

    eQ, I'm sorry too! Hopefully next time around it'll work.

    Stephen, oh it was not!

  5. I totally need to live in New York....

  6. I'm not completely done, but I'm almost there. A bit behind on getting things posted though... Hope they end up getting to people in time!

  7. Una cita de amorrrrr, ayyy Papa, las botasssss. Hey I'm stealing these pics they are too fabulous when I see you next time I will show you how I used them. :-P

  8. I'm procrastinating too... does that help? I've been to awesome chat meets. I'd say tey would be similar to blog meets.

  9. You always find the cutest blogs! Those milk teefs are so funny!

    You are so living up your new found free time! That is wonderful and Tonic looks like a lot of fun. The rooftop view looks amazing. I will so have a view like that one day...if only I could win the lotto! Mental note, must start buying lotto tickets!

    The Shops at Columbus Circle look beautiful done up for Christmas. I love those stars.

    If it makes you feel any better I was doing great getting ready for Christmas, but have now stalled out for some reason. I need to get my bootie in gear though! I have tons of presents that I need to wrap and mail out before we leave for New York. I have been more interested in figuring out what I am going to wear for vacation though! LOL!

  10. Aw shuckz...tanx for the shout-out! And tanx for having such a superb [and frequently updated] blog! I look forward to it every day!

  11. I am not even remotely close to being done for the holidays!!

  12. I did 3 Christmas cards today - that's the first I've done so far this year. Oh, I put up some stockings on the mantle at work and plugged in the cheesey fiber optic Christmas tree there too.


    Sounds like a nice way to ease into meeting bloggers.. one-two-few at a time. Glad to see you had fun!

  13. Write like Sarah Palin contest??? How did I MISS THAT???

  14. awwwwwwwwwwww that little kitten was soooo cute!!

  15. I thought I was done, but then Eric and I sat down and wrote a list to see who we still needed things for...

    yeah I'm not done yet.

  16. How great you had a 20somthing blogger meet up. I'm in LI and would love to hear about meet ups! :)
    visiting from SITS!


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