Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karaoke: Beyonce "Halo"

I actually recorded this one right after the first karaoke vlog (I don't love that shirt that much) and had planned to re-do the song in nicer clothes...and without copping so much attitude.

"You're my halo." *Snap, snap, snap*


  1. Diantre, por ti me dan un cheque en el manicomio.

  2. LOVE the use of the swiffer.
    Very nice. You've got a lovely voice.

  3. Actually, I think I was reaching beyond my limit with this one. But I didn't want to keep it safe!

  4. Haha you were playing it a *bit* ghetto! What with the 't' dropping and the gangsta head horizontal movement thing not even half way through the verse :P I still enjoyed it though. Yeah, you haven't got Beyonce's voice (who has?) but you matched the range!

    I hate that love this song so much. But I didn't hate your version. That's my way of saying I still reckon you're fairly awesome :)

  5. Thanks for the crit, Stephen! I know you were sooo bored with the first one so I'm glad you were entertained this time around ;)

  6. Well, the angel with the black hair is giving Beyounce a run for her money now...


    You sign up with a record label yet? Or you going the American Idol route?

  7. No label yet BUT I did just sign up for this "Out of Tune Idol" that's starting up in January. Why? Because why not.

  8. i think that is going to be your official karaoke tshirt

  9. daughter, Kaila and I are ADDICTED. Best believe, this will be a Friday night, mother daughter event.

    Don't let her down. Bring it.




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