Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Advent Calendar and December Goodness

Man, did I become a PRO at folding paper sacks (out of magazine pages, of course). I wonder if there's a market for them...

Anywho, I got my advent calendar up and filled some days with treats (for the furball et moi) and others with little holiday activities to get me into the spirit of Christmas. Not that I need much help there since I've been listening to Christmas music on the radio since Friday. And no, I will not tire of it ever. Here are some of the things I'll be doing this month:

1. Sign up for a New York Cares volunteer project.
2. See the Rockefeller Center tree and department store window displays.
3. Finish up my homemade Christmas ornaments.
4. Buy, put up and decorate my first Christmas tree.**
5. Collect and donate used coats to the New York Cares Coat Drive.
6. Go ice skating for free at Bryant Park.
7. Donate a gift to Toys for Tots.
8. Buy apple cider from the farmer's market.
9. Finally listen to the Nutcracker CD Mr. First gave me last year.
10. Give those Salvation Army Santas the time of day for once.
11. Mail off my handmade Christmas cards.
12. Walk around the neighborhood with Toby at night to see decorated houses.
13. Watch holiday classics for the first time.*
14. Chocolate milk, candles, the couch and It's a Wonderful Life (for the first time).*
15. Bake a crumb cake and give it all away.
16. Post a Christmas carol karaoke on the blog.
17. Call friends and family. Beg them not to send me a mass text for Christmas.
18. Exchange goodies on Noche Buena at midnight!

*I've never watched all those holiday specials. Yes, for shame. What the hell did I do as a kid?
**We always had a tree though (I wasn't that deprived). This will just be the first one I get for myself.


  1. AWESOME! I LOVE your list.

    My advent list is more kid oriented, being that i have 5, but if I were single or with no kids, it would be more like yours. I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.

    Over from SITS.

  2. I'm over from SITS and love your holiday list. I was drawn by your Advent calendar title - still working on a tradition for my house . . . Have a wonderful holiday season!!

  3. Sounds like a great list!

  4. What a cute idea! And very good list.

  5. You always get so many SITS visitors. Do you roll all or something? ;)

    I think your list is perfect. And it sounds like fun. I absolutely HAVE to get our tree between now and Friday, and we HAVE to put it up. Maybe I'll just suck it up and go get it tonight. Or make Hubs go get it. Yes, great plan. Once we get the tree up....I will try and find another little tradition to start with the boys. I'm a bit of a scrooge and a bit of a procrastinator....but I WILL make this year fun!

  6. Wow, you are so motivated. What a great list! I wish I could get half of those things done. Whew just looking at it makes me tired. But it's worth it right? Especially the hand made cards, and volunteering. You're definitely getting in the right spirit!

  7. I'm really looking forward to #16!

    Oh, and maybe a vlog of you ice skating for free in Bryant Park...

    Oh, and maybe another one of you showing how to make a paper bag out of a magazine page...

    :) I'm a visual-person.

  8. Great list!

    Is it possible for people to tire of Christmas music then? ;)

  9. Love this! Your December is looking fulfilling and great!

  10. I always wish I had the patience for homemade Christmas ornaments. They're so meaningful for those who receive them!

  11. Thanks guys! I just got home and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was on TV tonight! So I'm watching and FINALLY learning all about the misfit toys. I've been enlightened :)

  12. you're going to be one busy girl! But a great list nonetheless!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Come back any time, I'd be thrilled to have you visit, my sweet new friend!

  13. Great list! I was watching the Rockefeller Center tree lighting on tv just now. I can't believe I will finally get to see it in person this year! I am so excited!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for your tree!

    It is so funny you mentioned It's a Wonderful Life. My mom was just telling me the other day how great it is and couldn't believe I have never seen it.

    We should go look at the store windows when we get together! They look so cute from what I have seen.

    Have you seen the Charlie Brown Christmas and Frosty? If not you must watch those as well. They are really cute!

  14. No I've never seen any of the Charlie Brown movies actually (horrid of me) and I might have seen Santa's Coming to Town last year, but I don't even remember.

    And yup, I'm down for window watching or whatever you guys want to do. I guess I can do those touristy things under the guise of showing you around and not lose my NY'er cred ;)

  15. The Charlie Brown Christmas is really cute. I always feel sorry for that poor little tree! :(

    LOL! Don't worry I never let Gabe wear his camera around his neck like a tourist! ;)

  16. Your calendar looks awesome, as does your list!! : )

  17. Love your list - sounds like an awesome month! Have fun.

  18. You've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life"? Next you'll be telling me you never watched "Miracle on 34th Street" or "Jingle all the way"! Ok, that last one is option.

    "Give me da duuuuuuhl!"


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