Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need to Call It Quits With Your BFF?

Sometimes you wish you were still close with people from your past and sometimes...well, sometimes you just can't run fast enough from those around you now. Here's when and how to handle the breakup.



  1. Love the post! And so true...I ponder often about those I lost touch with years ago, either through my fault or theirs--or no one's...just growing apart.

  2. I wonder why we somehow lose a friend or two along the way - I do often think of them. And actually I have found some of them again on facebook or myspace.

    Lovely post, Dorkys!

  3. I love this. Thank you (and also thanks for your help with my SITS technology challenge :-)! I have heard "friends come and go with the different seasons in your life". Now that I have a gray eyebrow and gray chin hair, this makes so much sense!

  4. Perfect image with such a clever post. I have definitely reconnected with some keepers through reunion planning and Facebook, but honestly just not missing that many old friends. They were friends back then. Over it.

  5. I guess we all have friends from our past that we've lost for some reason or other. Facebook has been a great way to reconnect with my long lost ones at a cheap cost and LESS pressure and maintenance. Let's face it, it takes hard work and time to keep friendships, especially those we are trying to re-establish.

  6. I've dropped a lot of friends that I worked or played with "in real life" (maybe "non-cyber" would be a better word? even "cyber" friends are (often) "real". Most of the time they have gotten married and had families and "moved on" and I felt more and more like a third wheel or a hanger-on outsider.

    I recently had one pop up on Yahoo Messenger - hadn't seen him in 3 years - and I've not said hello (yet) as I suspect he's unemployed and will want to ask if I have (or know of) a job for him.

    Instant dread has replaced the really bad jokes we used to share.

    I'll bite the bullet sooner or later though and give him a "Hey youse..." but I'm in no rush.

  7. hmm. And yet again, a blog entry comes along at a most timely time to address the needs I presently have....

    thank you


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