Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unfortunately, Moms Just Know Everything

Scene: Ramos living room on Christmas eve. We find Dorkys, Damaris and their mami singing and dancing away like maniacs. All of a sudden Mami Ramos stops and turns to Dorkys.

Mami: You're seeing someone.
Dorkys: What?! No, I'm not!
Mami: Yes, you are. You're way too happy.
Dorkys: What? Can't I just be happy?

Well apparently not. My own mom thinks that my happiness must surely be caused by a man. Awesome. Meanwhile I'm giving my sister discreet looks and asking, "Can she smell him on me??"

I'm still not dishing out the details with the parentals though. When Mom asked if I was seeing someone last month (because I'd been going out so much), I said, "Nope. And if I was I wouldn't tell you. You'd just meet him on my wedding day." Muahaha.


  1. Oh, its been pretty obvious.


    Your mami saw the signs.

  2. Funny how the signs that some OTHER being makes our life happier are so evident. We'd be a much healthier planet of beings if we could figure out how to find that joy in being alone OR with someone. :)

    The glow and happiness that come from enjoying another person is unequaled, however, until they start to annoy you daily and not just periodically. By then you've probably married them, however, and giving up on marriage is such a bum thing to do. And so you're stuck. It's at THIS time that you find out how to get that glow and smiling persona from within. :)

    Here's to hoping you find it from within and WITH someone special.....Lord knows we all need an example!

    Way to go, Mami. Keep Dorkys in check.

  3. Listen, woman. I am completely capable of checking myself aight?!

    Fact is, I've been just fine and dandy for months. Losing the job and getting more time for myself just bumped it up a notch :)

    Ok, fine. I'll admit I have been smiling a bit more these days BUT maybe it's because of the holiday spirit that's in the air these days.

    No? Ok, it was worth a shot.

  4. "Can she smell him on me??" I ask mahself that all the time about my two best amigaz from college. They just know when I've been seeing someone. It's like they have ESPN or sumfing.

  5. I am so glad that your happiness is giving you away! :)

  6. Those moms...creepy.... :o)

    My best, Lynn

  7. Lol... I'm tellllliiiinnngg!!

    And in damaris relationship news: S came over tonight, we ate at his friends and I was in desperate need of laptop salvation. It was like ten pm, I called mom and she was fine about it. She was extremely nice! S sat in the living room, lol. I dragged him into my room, he yelled at me for closing the door even a little bit, and he refused to sit anywhere near the bed lol. Yo no lie mom came in and brought us cake, then water, then fruits! I was even sitting on his knee at one point and she didn't have a heart attack! Then before he left she was showing off our baby pics on the wall. Progress? I THINK SO!!! What a great way to wrap up the year =)

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  9. Isn't it obvious? Mothers have spies to watch our every movement. How else could they know what we're doing, when we're doing it, and who we're doing it with? LOL!

    Seriously though... I am glad the relationship - you know? That one you're not in - is going well! ;)

  10. Mom's alway know....

    I'll bet she's guessed the details too...

  11. Your happiness is obvious to the world! :)


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