Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway: Magnetic Poetry

Here's a little writer's block remedy I should probably use more often: Magnetic Poetry. (Seriously, it's been bad!) Who knows what ideas might pop up once you start stringing those tiles together. Now, in my never-ending quest to embarrass myself, I shall share an unfinished Valentine's Day poem I wrote about seven years ago using my Romance Kit:

To find a hand to hold
a soul to share
the sweetest song
a heart that cares

That gleam in his eye
the taste of a kiss
the wind whispering
that Heaven is this

A caress on your cheek
his voice by your ear
the dance your heart does
whenever he's near...

Whew! See what inspired craziness you can create with these things?! So this week, two of you will win one of the newest kits in their collection - Yoga or Bitch - so you can either zen out or embrace your inner fierce. Just leave a comment below and the winners will be chosen on Friday!

CONGRATULATIONS: This week's winners are Debbie in Nashville (Yoga) and Maxie (Bitch)!


  1. Count me in! Definitely have to pick the yoga as my 5 year old is learning to read :)

  2. I used to be obsessed with magnetic poetry. I would love to bring the obsession back! muhahaha

  3. oh man i havent thought of magnetic poetry in years! in college, of course, we'd find the most immature things to put together. come to think of it, i'm pretty sure i'd still do that! this is such a great giveaway. thanks :)

  4. Great poem! I LOVE magnetic poetry. My old roommate and I used to have the "college" version and we would write dirty little ditties on our fridge for people to see when we had them over haha.

    Great poem! Very love-y :)

    Also, thanks for your comment. It was sad, but in real life I laughed at my silliness in standing outside of my ex's house in the freezing cold with no jacket debating whether or not to call him, pacing around like an idiot for all to see haha. I'm so glad I decided not to call and embarrass myself lol.

  5. the bitch kit looks hilarious!
    great blog, btw, i'll def be stopping by again even if i don't win ;)

  6. The Bitch one has my name all over it, I think! :)

  7. Naturally I would have to go with the BITCH option.

  8. Count me in. I'm going with the Bitch option.

  9. I'm going to let my inner bitch out and go with the Bitch set. I have a set on the fridge now, this would be great to add.


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