Friday, January 29, 2010

Unexpected Stuff You Can Borrow from the Library

If you thought you could only check out books, music and movies from your local branch, think again. Here's a list of unusual items some libraries around the country have in store:

Oakland Public Library, Oakland, CA
- Tool Lending Library with over 750 different types of tools...demolition hammers included

Pasco County Library System, Hudson, FL
- Toy collection designed especially for physically-challenged children

St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN
- Copies of artwork you can hang up in your home or office for up to three weeks
- iPods
- Passes for up to six people to local museums

Urbandale Public Library, Urbandale, IA
- Novelty cake pans

Rochester Hills Public Library, Rochester, MI
- Video game collection with more than 2200 games and video game accessories

Central Mississippi Regional Library System, Brandon, MS
- Book club kits with 10+ books, author bio, discussion questions, maps and pictures
- Scrapbooking kit with die cutter and dies, stencils, punches, scissors, instructional books and videos
- Karaoke machine with various discs including holiday and kids songs
- Laptop

Jackson-George Regional Library System, Pascagoula, MS
- Car seats

Lewisboro Library, South Salem, NY
- Fishing poles and tackle boxes

Arlington Public Library, Arlington County, VA
- Instant Book Club Kits with several copies of the same title, a reader's guide and a tote bag

Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach, VA
- False Cape State Park nature backpacks with bug/dip net, magnifying glass, binoculars, nature journal and sketchbook, viewing jar with tweezers, resource folder, pen and fine point marker

King County Library System, Issaquah, WA
- Online database for music you can download and enjoy for three weeks
- Downloadable books and audiobooks

Indianhead Federated Library System, Eau Claire, WI
- Kodak slide carousel
- Dutch costume sewing patterns
- Ukranian egg decorating kits


  1. That is just amazing! I am from Iowa so we dont have anything near that exciting - just the regulars but great ideas!

  2. Oh cool. I wonder what my library might have hidden away under the librarian's desk for loans?

    I know the one down the shore has kid stuff you can take to the beach, like plastic bucket and shovels.

  3. sweet harvey, goodness, I forgot a whole section! Just added Indiana and Iowa. They have some fun things too!

  4. Holy cow! My library now officially sucks. I want to to got he one in South Bend!

  5. "Instant Book Club Kits with several copies of the same title, a reader's guide and a tote bag." is my favorite!!! Come on NYPL, step it up.

  6. Even more reasons why I love the library!!

  7. That South Bend branch sounds really cool.

    I think the Book Club kits are a fantastic idea. In fact, I think even bookstores should think about doing that.

  8. Who knew! I'll have to check out our local library to see what they offer!

  9. I like the idea of novelty cake pans! If they had something else to lend in our libraries, it would probably be hunting rifles or beer pong tables.

  10. My husband would love that library in Rochester, MI.

  11. novelty cake pans....wonder whose idea was that?

    That's different.

  12. That's too fun. I love libraries!

  13. I really need to start back reading books, again!

  14. Hmm, wonder if mine have anything out of the ordinary and useful.

    Thanks for the list. My mom enjoyed it, too :P

  15. That's hilarious; I'm not sure which of those is my favorite, but the fishing equipment is pretty entertaining. As is the karaoke. As is... pretty much all of it.

  16. haha these were funny. the only one i've heard of before is the cake pans

  17. Hi! At the Virginia Beach Public Library, you can also check out other interesting things: Storytime To Go bagpacks, downloadable audiobooks, ebooks, and oversized and coffee table books.

  18. I've never heard of any libraries loaning stuff like that out. Makes me wonder what my library has...

  19. Thanks for including the Urbandale Public Library in your list! We also loan out some of the other stuff--book club kits, video games, and even a telescope and puppets! It's always great to make people more aware of the fun stuff their public library has to offer.


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