Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?


I kicked off the night with a surprise birthday outing for my former supervisor where A. met some of my former coworkers. Afterwards, he surprised me with a yummy dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar* before we headed out to Brooklyn for another 20 Something Blogger meet-up at Mug's Alehouse. Like last time, we got there and couldn't recognize anybody else so we picked a small booth in the back and just chatted. Now here was my plan: get to this thing and pretend that we hadn't seen each other since that first meeting in December. Too bad one blogger caught a glance at us while scanning the bar and apparently we looked like we were on a date. Busted :)

Anywho, because of the impending killer snowstorm (that never came), several people bailed, but we did meet Kat and Steve. They were quite the interesting duo and I got to hear wonderful stories about accidentally menstruating on a guy and what turtles sound like during sex. I bet you wish you were there, don't you?


Unfortunately, A. and I had an early start to the day - way too early. I was semi-awake at 7 AM wondering if I could hold my pee for a couple more hours when I heard stomps going up and down the building stairs, windows being smashed and fire truck sirens in the distance. When someone rang the apartment buzzer, I jumped out of bed to find out what was going on. A. muttered some annoyed comment while I opened the door to see the neighbor leaving her place and a fireman making his way upstairs. Oh, and I could smell the smoke.

Minutes later, I was freaking out, ready to run out of the building (I still didn't know where the fire was) and begging A. to please hurry. And do you think he did? Hell no. That cool-calm-collected fool wanted to take his sweet time instead, pointing out that if it were truly an emergency they would have rang the alarm and evacuated us. Once we finally got outside, we saw the street lined with fire trucks and smoke coming out of the building next to A.'s.

We didn't see the flames and hoped no one was hurt, but we kept away for a couple hours before returning home. After a much-needed two-hour nap and a hearty brunch at Johnny Foxes, we were good to go...right to his friend's new place so he could set up all her electronics. (Don't you just love a man who knows how to connect stuff?) Then we ate Indian food and watched one weird-as-hell movie. Needless to say, it was a long day.


Rest and relaxation. And writing out this tired, lazy weekend recap. So sleepy...

*By the way, Momofuku was good! If I had known we were headed there, I would've starved myself the entire day to make room. A. recommended the Pork Steamed Buns and the (ginormous bowl of) Momofuku Ramen that left me so stuffed I was sad I couldn't finish it all. And my Apple Cider Momofuku Soju Slushie was just sweet and delicious. I wonder if they sell it by the jug.


  1. Oh my golly! What a crazy Saturday! I'm so happy everyone was ok. Just crazy...

  2. Just loved this post... coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  3. Hi! Just stopping by from SITS! I live in NYC too - nice to find another NY blogger! Glad the fire wasn't in your building but hope everyone in the other is okay! Sounds like you had an interesting weekend.

    Have a great day!

  4. I've wanted to go to Momofuku!! I used to live in Harlem, but I'm in Jersey City now. I want to go to the milk bar sometime. Did you stop there?

    And I agree...that HUGE snowstorm that left us with less than 1/4 of an inch.

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  5. We were snowed in all weekend, with about 30 inches of the white stuff. If I never see another snowflake, it'll be too soon. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Snow Emergency

  6. My roommate, the culinary student, got the Momofuku cookbook for Christmas. He's made a few things from it and they've all been AMAZING!

  7. That was one crazy saturday! Hope everyone was okay.

    SE x

  8. So sorry about your crazy Saturday!

    PS, I am that guy that knows how to connect everything and I love it! I for supa serial think that it's the basis for at least three of mah friendshipz.

  9. How scary to be woke up by fire trucks! I am glad that all was well with A's apartment.

    Sounds like the rest of your weekend was a blast!

  10. Oh my. That would have just been scary. I'm glad it wasn't any more than it actually was. I would have shot A for taking his good ol' time getting out of there!

  11. dang....and here all we've managed to do is get snowed in and shovel...

  12. And to think I consider 7am sleeping in. LOL Oh to have your lifestyle again!

  13. Sounds like an eventful weekend. :)

  14. Yikes, what you experienced on Saturday morning reminded me of my college days living in the dorm with those fake fire drills. Of course, yours wasn't so fake. Glad you are okay!


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