Friday, February 19, 2010

Karaoke: Mariah Carey, "I'll Be There"

Because it's been a while since you'd laughed at me.

Actually, it's been so long that now I feel all sorts of weird singing by myself in front of the camera. So to calm my fears a bit I pretended to do "work" while singing and filming. Well as you'll soon see, the laptop only distracted from my ability to be a shameless ham.

Happy Friday!

(By the way, I sang approximately eight different songs and filmed over 15 video clips of me singing HORRIBLY! This was one of the barely ok ones, which goes to show you how bad I was yesterday. The other one will be up next week. Yeah, I know you cannot wait!)


  1. I LOVE your vocal runs at the end of phrases! YAY! When are you gonna sing P!nk's "Funhouse"...I'm dying to see that!

  2. You've got the Mariah Carey finger point at the high notes!!! LOVES IT!



  3. Stopping by from A Peek at Karen's World. I love your blog! It's nice to read a bunch of posts that are positive and lighthearted. And you sing good too. :-)

  4. LOL I love how you dress up for these kareoke occasions.. I remember when I made you buy that dress!!

  5. I somehow missed this one. LOL Oh my gosh...I'm laughing that you were pretending to work, laughing that you grabbed the brush, laughing that Anon said you were dressing up for these. :) LOVE IT. These are the best posts in blogland. I mean that.


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