Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Treats

I know Valentine's Day and chocolates go hand-in-hand, but who would actually mind receiving these yummy gifts at any point in the year?

Bake Me a Wish offers the full package. Not only do you get a gourmet cake topped with a Belgian chocolate plaque, but it also comes carefully packaged in a pretty gift box with a personalized card. The company also donates 5% of your order towards their Operation: Birthday Cake, which partners up with Soldiers' Angels to send cakes to soldiers stationed overseas.

If the thought of an entire cake is a bit decadent, then how about lots of mini ones? Baby Cakes Sweet Bites are so rich, believe me when I say one will satisfy you. Just think: tiny balls of moist, buttery cake mixed with frosting, covered in chocolate and topped off with extra goodness. Salivating yet?
MarieBelle chocolate ganaches are not only fun to eat, but they're fun to look at too. Each piece is decorated with original artwork and their new Valentine line comes in a red alligator-textured box with a love story tucked inside.

What's better than gourmet fudge or handmade cookies? How about gourmet fudge WITH handmade cookies?! Multitask to your tastebuds' delight with Bella's Confection's Gourmet Fudge Infusions. If this doesn't make your sweet tooth happy, then I really don't know what will. (Perhaps you'd do best eating that entire cake.)

Jer's Handmade Chocolates not only has beautifully packaged chocolate boxes, but they sell peanut butter treats as well. With balls, bars and brittle bites in all sorts of flavor combos, you'll be hard-pressed to find one you don't like. Plus, each box contains a card with an inspirational message. As if you need to say anything more with chocolate...


  1. Damn it. Now I want chocolate! :(

    SE x

  2. It is 8:30 am and now you have me craving chocolate. Thanks for nothing!

  3. Omigosh, those all look amazing.

    I may have to go bake a red velvet cake now.

  4. I've been craving all this since I posted it!


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