Monday, March 1, 2010

Boston Named Best City for Single Women

Listen up single ladies, a study conducted by claims that Beantown is the place for you. Career opportunities, male to female ratio, cost of living and entertainment options were among the factors considered for the site's list of Top 10 Cities for Single Women. Not only is Boston home to major job opps in publishing, health care, bio-tech and finance, but its reasonable cost of living and nightlife make it a satisfying place to mingle. Boston might have more women than men (52% vs 48%), but approximately 32% of its residents are unattached.

Interesting tidbits about the analysis:

- Because career advancement is such a driving force, cities with an unemployment rate above the national average (10% at the time) were immediately disqualified. This meant peace out to Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta among others.

- Since single people love to travel (and everyone else I'm sure), an international airport was a must.

With that said, the other cities that made the cut are: Washington, D.C., New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Austin. I have to add that NYC didn't get the top spot because it costs so much to live here and our employment situation is in major need of improvement.

So do you agree with the chosen cities? How friendly or cruel is yours towards the single peeps?



  1. I'm in Missouri, and I read somewhere that a ridiculous percentage of adults here are married. Like CRAZY percentage, in the high eighties or so? NOT a cool place to be single.

  2. Poor Houston never makes it on any list unless it's about high crime or smog! Lol! I agree with Austin. It would be a great place to meet people. Dallas I don't really get.

  3. That's a lot of unattached peoples in Beantown... maybe its because they eat too many beans?

    I like visiting Boston - its the "San Francisco/Seattle" of the east coast.

    I wonder where Baltimore and Washington DC sit... probably way down the list somewhere.

    Philly is ok - but there must be better places for single women.

  4. I don't know much - if anything - about any of those cities, so can't answer to whether I agree. Although, I have to ask... Why do people want to live in cities so much anyway? They're noisy and smelly and crowded! Or, is it just me?

  5. My city is on the list, and I don't get it. I live in Denver, but I don't really see tons of singles ready to mingle, if you know what I mean. I am single myself but I have no idea where all the singles are at. *sigh*

  6. I've heard that my city is always ranked as one of the worst...not surprising at all. I technically found Hubs in a neighboring town, a college town. I've heard that Boston is pretty cool. Too much crab and lobster and fish smell for my taste, though.

  7. Wonderful news. I have always ranked Boston as one of my favorite cities. Currently I live in the capital of a developing country. Single women.. beware of Tegucigalpa. Married men here are infamous for their flirtatious ways, and many will "forget" to tell you about their married status.


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