Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clever Minimal Logo Designs

I'm not a design fiend, but I can appreciate a good graphic (or type) when I see one and last night, Web Design Ledger's roundup took me right back to grad school design class and being fascinated by the power of a simple yet awesome logo. You don't know how enlightened I felt when my professor pointed out the white arrow in FedEx or the meaning behind Amazon's arrow when I thought it was just a smirk. Yes, I know. I'm so easily amused.


  1. Ugh.. sorry about that deleted comment - blogger is being a pain in the ass.

    You may be amused by little things... but they are clever... and show you are really pretty observant!

  2. Some of those logos are very clever and memorable.

  3. Visiting from SITS...oh I love bckspace| that is cool.

  4. Help me out....Amazon....meaning? I don't shop Amazon so I'm not even sure I could picture the logo. I'm a NOT a marketer's dream. Hubs, If you're selling, he'll try it once. Guaranteed.


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