Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cuddling During the IMAX 3D Experience: Good Luck Trying

Confession: I'm a cuddle fiend. I'd be happy snuggling all day and night if I had no life (and my boyfriend didn't need to breathe every once in a while). So when I go to the movies on a date I go into female mode and want to cuddle there as well. Too bad the two movies we've seen so far have been on IMAX and that place is not at all conducive to canoodling. Why? Well...

1. The screen is so big it hogs up your entire field of vision. Add booming surround sound and incredible 3D effects and for the next couple of hours it is all about you and that movie. No one and nothing else exists.

2. Even if you wanted to see who was next to you, it's hard when you have huge, dorky glasses blocking your peripheral vision.

3. The 3D glasses are polarized just so that if you tilt your head slightly to one side, the screen goes blurry. So resting your head on his shoulder is out of the question. I had to settle for holding hands while my head was fixed dead center. How romantic.

4. Do you even know how much an IMAX movie ticket costs?! You better believe we're going to be paying some serious attention on top of that.

5. Many theaters have armrests that lift up. The ones at the AMC Lowes Lincoln Square IMAX theater most certainly do not. Evil little barriers...

6. I don't know about you, but a trip to the IMAX theater means a treat to a better-be-good-as-hell box office hit. Therefore, the odds of getting the theater to yourself or even scoring a dark, desolate corner for some alone time is slim to none.

So sit back, enjoy the show and catch up on your cuddle time later...like when the credits are rolling and everyone's up and left.


  1. You are so right about being absorbed into the movie, but my local IMAX has love seats! Yes, they are movie theater couches for two! No seat separation. No armrests to push up. Just a cozy seat for two. :-) Too bad we always have to order tickets online, and I can never remember where those seats are in the theater!

    What movie did you see in IMAX recently?

  2. Love seats!? Good gravy, I wish.

    And I saw Alice in Wonderland and then How to Train Your Dragon. Check out my reviews below :)

  3. Actually, I think you two look pretty cool in the extra big glasses... :)

    Maybe its 'cause you look like you're two years old and playing with parent's clothes or something?

  4. And those prices are going up?!?!?!?!???

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  5. Yeah, I was sad to have to learn that lesson too.

    On the plus side, those are the COOLEST dorky glasses EVER.

  6. Yes movies cost so much and then by the time I pay the babysitter.. if I am going to a movie it is to watch the movie :)

  7. That glasses photo is a hoot!

  8. What a great picture of you and your sweetie!

  9. Too funny. It's sad when the perfect date scenario is too expensive (and too technologically advanced) to make a perfect date!

  10. What movie did you see?
    I know the prices are ridiculous!


  11. I don't cuddle when watching movies anywhere but at home. I figure, if I'm paying to watch it then I'm going to be paying full attention to that... Never mind who's with me!

  12. I guess Im the minority here... I pay to sleep... I know, so sad. But my hubs loves the theatre and Netflix is my homeboy... what can I say :) Glad I found your blog!


  13. You two look so cute together! You are so right. The IMAX theater is not the most cuddle friendly place.

  14. aww the two of you look so sweet together!


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