Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Any fun plans for the day?
And isn't this little guy adorable?
(These clovers are cute, too!)



  1. CUTE! Happy St Pat's to you!

    By the way, that cupcake van? I had an idea like that myself--only on a college campus. Can you imagine the haul you'd make there? : )

  2. We don't bother much with St Paddy's day. I think it's weird myself that we're right next to Ireland and don't acknowledge it, yet you lot all the way over there make a big thing about it. I suppose it's because we have St David's day in the same month? Or possibly because the Welsh generally drink enough not to need a day that's set aside as an excuse to get rat-arsed. ;)

  3. I was walking around during my lunch hour yesterday and I must say, people sure start drinking early!


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