Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Shorts to Make You Smile and Think

Last night I was clicking through my Google Reader and came across three little videos. The first inspirational clip will make you think, "Huh?" at first, but just keep watching for the awesome twist... (via Curious Girl)

Odessa always has sweet movie shorts on her blog and I really enjoyed this one. It's so simple and lovely. I really felt for the guy in the beginning and laughed through the antics even though there is practically no dialogue. (via Freefalling Me)

Ok, this last one is called Plastic Bag and it is in fact about a discarded plastic bag trying to find its place in the world. While I was watching it I kept thinking, "Why the hell am I watching a film about a bag?" but by the halfway mark, I was...semi-attached. Call me crazy, but watch it and tell me if that last line isn't great, sad and true.

P.S. Just saw this cool canvas "Thank You" bag on [BB-Blog]. Genius, don't you think?


  1. The Lost Generation one is absolutely brilliant.

  2. I found them very interesting, thanks.

  3. Stopping by from SITS. The Lost Generation is my favorite. Although my heart almost broke when I thought he lost the girl in the 2nd video.

  4. New here from SITS! I absolutely adored the 2nd one!! Worth the 12 minutes

  5. I've seen the first video before- makes me wonder how long it took for them to write it!

    Happy SITS day!


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