Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When A. Met the Fam

Well I'm happy to report that everything went well with A.'s Meet the Parents test. He managed to get there on his own (in that crazy hurricane weather) without getting lost and, language barrier aside, he and the parentals seemed to hit it off. I was really anxious that it'd turn out to be an awkward mess, but both sides tried their best. And yes, Anonymous, mom definitely threw down in the kitchen for the occasion. She made arroz con vegetales, pollo al horno, lasagna, batata y ensalada. (Sorry, but I refuse to translate any of this. Averiguensela.) Shoot, we even had A. eating platanos maduros. Yum!

All in all it was fun (for me anyway):

- Dad kept trying to fatten the kid up Latino-style by offering him more rice every five minutes. Afterward, it was all about the wine. A. thinks he was just trying to loosen his tongue.

- Because she knows much less English than Dad does, Mom mostly kept to the sidelines. Well except to chime in with a story about helping a drunk guy who'd fallen on his face in the courtyard. She found the incident so amusing, she just had to tell it several times over the course of the night...each recount more dramatic than the last.

- I'm glad my sis was around as she was the only one A. had met before. She'd swoop in to see how he was holding up and tease Mom about her wonderful storytelling. Plus, it was just nice to see her since we don't hang out as much as I'd like thanks to our busy schedules.

- I wasn't sure if my brother would be up for socializing with a stranger so I brought something to draw him in: UNO cards! Mind you he's 18, but I figured a little ice-breaker couldn't hurt. Turned out A. and I (but mostly me) kept winning and the kid wouldn't let us stop until he finally won. That took at least six rounds.

- I don't think A. knew what to expect. I think he was mostly concerned with communicating with my parents, but I'm giving him an A for effort:

Earlier that day...
"How do you say 'Nice to meet you?'"
"'Encantado.' We'll keep it simple."

As we're washing our hands before dinner...
"How do you say 'This tastes good'?"
"'Sabe bueno.' But don't you want to taste the food first? What if it tastes like crap?"
"No! I don't even want that in my head!"

Dad and him talked about life back home, Mom was clapping and dancing around after he complimented her cooking skills and A. even managed to wow my brother with some magic tricks. (I can't lie. I was impressed that he could pull them off with UNO cards.)

"I survived," A. said with a smile as soon as we reached my place. "Now I have to learn some Spanish to please them."

Well here's lesson #1: La hija de ustedes es maravillosa! Es un honor estar con ella. ;)

P.S. I didn't take a single picture that night so instead here's a pic we took a week before in Central Park and the cuddly dolphin he bought me!


  1. Glad to hear it went well. I knew that it would! :)

  2. Ahahaha! Love it, so excited for you!

  3. Thanks, loca! ¿Y tu? Cuentame de ti :p

  4. Aqui loca, tranquila, cojiendolo suavitel. LMAO

  5. Same here, kid. Estoy a punto de escaparme temprano.

  6. Awesome! So glad it went so well.. and he obviously must really like you if he is working to impress your parents :)

  7. Awesome that it went well! It's such a nice relief when you realize the world will not implode haha.

    Also, that is an adorable dolphin!

  8. Glad to hear it went well. :)

  9. Nice! Glad it went well. Not that you had anything to worry about missy!!
    : )

  10. Fantastic!! I'm glad it went so well. Phew!

  11. Yay! I am filled wiff sunshiney joy after reading this entry. And I want to bury mah cabeza in that plushie doll-fun sleep for a hundred yearz!

  12. Thanks, everyone! And really, that dolphin is the softest thing everrr. Aside from my awesome hair that is.

  13. Thank goodness for Google Language. It's not exact, but gets ya close. And yes, that would be an awesome statement for him to learn!

  14. I'm glad it went so well!

    And I'm proud to say that I did not need help translating that last part.

  15. :) Meeting the Parents. Aaahhhh. I'm excited to hear that things are progressing nicely, and that he bought you a dolphin. OJ would love to have another cuddly in his bed. Currently he's sleeping with a monkey, a dog, Pooh Bear, an elephant with a musical string, and "Pillow", which is a pillow.

    Do you sleep with Dolphin? :)

  16. Yes, I sleep with Dolphin...whom A. wants to christen as "Bradley." It's still up for discussion.

    Tell TO I have Pillow's brother and sister with me.

    Also, I'm chasing you around my blog and responding. It's a slow night :)

  17. Okay I soooo need to learn Spanish if I am going to keep up with your social life! Ha! Awwww A. liiiiikes you, he wants to kiiiiiis you, and impress your paaaaarents.... :oP (I'm so immature this late at night!) No matter, you guys look so adorably into each other.

    My best, Lynn

  18. ¡Ah, suena como él fue perfectamente! ¡Soy tan muy feliz para usted!


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