Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Plane Pick-Up Attempt

Not more than five minutes after I board the plane, a soft-spoken St. Lucian man sitting next to me notices me smirking at a lively Dominican (from Dominica) lady and her friends. He turns to me with a smile...

Him: Are you also Dominican?
Me: No, I'm Dominican (from the Dominican Republic).
Him: Oh and how long are you staying in St. Lucia?
[I don't want to end up talking to this guy the entire flight so I decide to keep my answers short.]
Me: Five days.
[Too bad he wants to continue chatting it up.]
Him: And where do you live?
Me: I'm sorry what? I can't hear you [over the important emergency exit instructions I'm trying to ignore you for. But still, I lean in.] What was that??
Him: Where do you live here?
Me: Oh, I'm in the Bronx.
Him: Ok, I live in New Jersey.
Me: [Good for you!] Good.
Him: [Pulling out a cell phone...] Let's exchange numbers.
Me: [What?! Cue nervous chuckle] Err...
[I face forward in the hopes that he gets the hint. He doesn't.]
Him: So...what's your number?
Me: No, why? I'm not going to call you!
Him: .....
I smile to soften the blow and turn back on my seat. Screw courtesy.

Moral: Don't risk rejection by someone you've just met and will be stuck next to for four hours. Save it for the landing.


  1. Determined, wasn't he? ;) LOL!

  2. I enjoyed your post.
    Too funny.
    Stopping by via SITS Saturday Sharefest. Have a great day!

  3. Wow, this guy moved fast. I think it was a smart move not giving him your number -- you might have gotten calls the whole time you were there!

  4. Why in the world do people always assume that you want to be friends, or be contacted, or make connection with just any random ol' Joe or Jane? Freaks.

  5. Can I have your number now?


  6. LOL! Wow, talk about forward!


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