Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As If I Weren't on Cloud 9 Already...


  1. Yup...he is a keeper! That was really, really heartfelt. I loved his honesty and the fact that he "wants" to be different for you and himself. Love it!!! Made my day and I'm sure...YOURS

  2. I always think that people who are of the thinking "why go to the trouble...?" on the ideas of love, marriage, and selflessness in relationships are failing to see one thing -

    If you can think this way....why can't you think the other way? They're just WAYS of thinking. Why do you consider one harder than the other?

    I used to be one of these people. Marriage was a notion that occurred either because it was supposed to or because one wanted the fairy tale concept it provided, albeit briefly.

    Hubs has shown me a completely new way at looking at marriage. At togetherness. At finding and committing to a partnership through all of life's trials. Providing a stable and balanced home for our children. Committing that feeling into words before friends, family, and a higher being if you believe....in front of people who should hold you accountable for that commitment should you falter.

    My comment is long, but my feelings are smiling, if you can feel it. I'm happy that you're happy. It's just that simple. Finding happiness and joy isn't as hard as we humans tend to make it.

  3. That is one amazing post. You're so lucky! :)

  4. Now if THAT wasn't a declaration of love... I don't know what is! Soo sweet that post awwwwwwwwww : )

  5. I know, he's so incredibly sweet and that's how we are every single day. I'm totally head over heels over here, guys :p

  6. How great and honest is this??!! He's one of the good ones.

  7. This was the most romantic thing ever!

  8. *repeats comment here*

    one word


    *sniffle, tear*

  9. That is one amazing post. You're so lucky! :)
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