Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's gorgeous in NYC! I met A. for an outdoor lunch today and tomorrow we're going dress shopping for an upcoming wedding (more details on that to come, but a flight out to California to meet his family is involved). Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Here are some things that made me smile this week...

This Up-inspired engagement photo shoot makes my heart so happy. (via The Wedding Chicks)
(And relax, I'm not getting any ideas...)
I loved making flip books when I was little and this "blow-a-kiss" one makes me want to try again.
Can someone please spray these all over the city? I'll help.
Airport security fact.
Careless kerning at its most perverted/entertaining. I want. (via Design Milk)
Would you live in a church? I would if it looked like this!
How cute are these milk & cookies-themed DIY favors? I'm sure kids (or the young at heart) would love this.



  1. Whaaaa?!!? NO! See that's exactly how rumors get started!

  2. I saw the ring, ITS GORGEOUS!! =)

    ps. happy friday indeed $_$

  3. Woman, do you want to make it to your graduation alive??

  4. Flip books are a great thing. Maybe Hubs and I will sit and do a project together. He likes to doodle and I like to boss him around, so we'll put those two talents together and see what we come up with. :) The boys would love to flip through it, I bet.

    Happy weekend and Friday.

    (and if this is your way of hinting that a major life event happened to you, you're in trouble.)

  5. Oh I assure you nothing has happened. At least the kid got a good laugh out of it instead of buying a ticket straight back to Japan.

  6. Hope dress shopping was a success!

  7. ooooh, i love these engagement pics, especially the tent ones! so adorable.

    and wow, you get to meet A's parents. how exciting! (or nerve-wracking maybe, haha) have got to tell us more about this trip. also, where exactly in Cali?

  8. Cool links! And I want the cookies too :)

  9. I apologize for... this. Hangs head in shame.

    I read "we're going dress shopping for an upcoming wedding" as "we're going wedding dress shopping." when my feeble brain coupled that with an assumption that "a flight out to California to meet his family is involved" meant A.'s parent's.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and again, I'm sorry for any grief I caused ya. Goes off to bang his head with his wireless keyboard.

  10. Oh no worries! It was kinda funny anyway. I actually thought you were just kidding around. And I love how my sis jumped right on it too. (No, not really.)

  11. We've had nice weather too...

  12. These were some super cute links. Thanks for sharing.


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