Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poolside Thoughts

Just some thoughts I jotted down as I ate lunch last Saturday and took in the beautiful scenery...

- The wind has died down a bit, but the breeze is still carrying in the salty smell of the ocean. The pool area is peppered with the most vibrant shade of blue. And just beyond, I can see streaks of foamy white bobbing along the rough Pacific.
- A million thanks to my parents for raising me in Spanish. It's incredible to be able to break down that barrier and seamlessly chat it up with the locals. Must practice my French and Italian.

- Waiters will still flirt with a girl dining alone. As I'm writing, they come up to me and ask, "Are you writing to your boyfriend?" They think they're slick. I wonder if it's mostly Latinos who are this bold. I must test this out in other parts of the world.*
- Funny how this restaurant is playing American lite FM. Because, you know, nothing says Mexico like acoustic Lisa Loeb and Elton John. Hellooo, where's my Luis Miguel and Pepe Aquilar?
- You know those moments when you look around you, wonder, "How on Earth did I get here?" and realize that life is funny, crazy and amazing? I just had one of those.

*I'm off to St. Lucia in the morning...


  1. St. Lucia?!? *sigh* One of my favorite places in the whole world I've ever been (so far). Gorgeous! I'm so jealous.

    Enjoy your travels! Be safe.

  2. I had an entire meal brought for me by a waiter in Cyprus. And I don't just mean brought to me, I mean he paid for it.

    ll because I told him I was single. LOL!

  3. *All, even.

    Hope you're enjoying your trip!

  4. That does it, I'm buying a wig and putting socks in the front of my shirt...


    I love that last picture! I'm happy you enjoy traveling - and get others to take pictures of you in front of beautiful scenery.

  5. LUCKY LUCKY!! Safe travels!!

  6. St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A favorite spot for me and my husband. Enjoy, wish I was there!

  7. St. Lucia?!? Really!?! You lucky dog!

  8. St. Lucia is beautiful. Enjoy your travels. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  9. Great pictures! Have I told you that I am so jealous as I am sitting here in the suburbs! LOL!

  10. Cabo? St. Lucia?

    I think I just cried.

  11. I'm so disgustingly jealous right now, it's embarassing. I hope you are having a great time! Someday I'll get to go to a tropical climate again.

  12. STOP POSTING PICTURAZ OF PLACES THAT I WISH I WAS @! I want to chatterbox wiff nativez in drunken Spanish while listening to L. Loeb! LUCKY!


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