Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BCBG Fashion

After our first attempt to find a dress for me to wear at an upcoming wedding left our heads spinning, I decided to spare A. from that torture and set out to find one on my own. I'll admit we were really ambitious. I mean Bloomingdale's, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Macy's all in one afternoon? I'm surprised the guy had that much determination!

Since I stick with what I know, naturally I turned to last year's dress...or more specifically, the label inside the dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA. I nearly bought a new BCBG dress last year (before turning to my closet) so I knew I was drawn to their designs. I just hoped I wouldn't have to tailor it drastically. This little number first grabbed my attention, but after I showed A. the website and my contender, he wanted to see me in this black-and-white dress instead. Before I knew it, he'd found the closest store and we were walking down to Madison Avenue. (P.S. Talk about man of action!)

I have to say that Faith was awesome. Not my hope that I'd find the right dress, but the helpful saleswoman who brought me dress after dress to try on all in size 0. I was never frustrated, I didn't lose my patience and not once did I beat myself up for being so damn tiny. With a bit taken in from the sides, I pretty much fit into each one she had me slip into...
With each dress, I'd slowly step out of the dressing room and quietly call out to A. so he could come give his opinion. As much as I loved that I could fit into the dresses, we just weren't drawn to any of them. I already envisioned another dreadful day of shopping in our future until Faith passed me one last dress...

I slipped into it and just felt beautiful. I was drawn to its turquoise color and after I made him assure me that I did not in fact look like a mermaid, I fell in love. I stood next to A. in front of the mirror and thought, "Wow, I actually look like a woman. I think I've just found my dress."

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  1. You will be beautiful in that dress! That company sure has a nice line of clothing. I'd never heard of them before.

  2. That dress is seriously hot stuff! I can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding! Congrats on finding "the one."

  3. Me likey.


    :) Can't wait to see you karaoke in it. to pick a song...

    Perhaps, "A Day With Andrew" by a group called Stiffed?

  4. I'm glad you found a dress you like. :)

  5. What??? Did you go to our Anthropologie without me? LOL! :)

    I LOOOVE your dress! It is beautiful! You are going to make an amazing first impression.

  6. You have great taste the first one was also gorgeous. Very nice pick.

  7. That dress is beautiful! Hope you'll post one with you in it. :)

  8. Love BCBGMaxAzria. It's long been a favorite of mine, for weddings and other social engagements :)

    Your dress looks amazing! I'm sure you'll knock them dead in it ;)

    I also liked the black and white one, though...

  9. deanna, yeah, they have really pretty stuff.

    jen, thanks!

    intense guy, at first I thought this was a fake song/band. How'd you find that?!

    toriz, me too :)

    joy, HA! I told A. that that's where I met you with you when you were in town. This was only my second time in there and the first time to actually walk around the store. He was actually the one who suggested it! We'll call it his transferable skill from a past relationship :p

    hell notes, thank you so much.

    lissa, yup I will once I'm back from the event!

    imogen, thanks! The black and white one was nice, but we both agreed that it wasn't as great in person as it looked online especially on my frame so we didn't bother with it. Plus they didn't have my size in that one.

  10. How lovely! And the ruching will give a little extra zing to it. Love that color.


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