Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday!

Colorful photos + jotted thoughts = The Sweeterie
Fun engagement pics with DIY backdrops drawn in chalk.
These little happy girls are so cute and way easy to make. I'd like one on my keychain.
The story of my procrastinating life.
Artwork made with staples, push pins and packaging tape.
Would you ever put your face on a condom wrapper? (via Jezebel)
A girly mobile made with things around the house.
Loving these dry erase board and sandwich baggies DIYs.

Oh, and congrats to Toojie for her beautiful baby girl and A.'s home team for winning the NBA Championship last night! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and great time with your papas!



  1. I was so... doing "procrastinating life" today! LOL!

    And NO, I'll pass on the face on condom thing...

    Have a great weekend Dorkys!

  2. Link #2 is sweet. Why, if I may ask, are you browsing The Knot? ;)

  3. Oh no reason! This happened to pop up on my Google reader ;)

  4. You and love go hand in hand. :) It's so sweet....I don't remember what this feels like, but it looks sweet on you. LOL

    Thanks for the love.

  5. Yes, what a woman desires most is to be desired.

  6. toojie, aww, thanks so much for the sweet comment! It actually touched my heart :)

    kristy, amen to that! Although I kinda enjoy liking him back, too.


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