Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Was Your Memorial Day Weekend?

So I've been gone for nearly a week now (how shameless), but plenty has been happening on my end...


First off, my sis and her boyfriend graduated! A. and I celebrated with them and some friends that night. The boys proceeded to watch the basketball game at a bar and I proceeded to accidentally pour beer all over my burgers. Never leave the ketchup right by your drink, folks.
Friday Saturday

Don't ask me what I did on Friday because I really don't remember. I just know Saturday was unfortunately gorgeous. Unfortunate because my sister and I postponed her graduation picnic in Central Park because of the supposed thunderstorms that were going to be in the area. But guess what? A. and I found THE dress for me to wear to that California wedding! More details to follow, but I absolutely love it...and I rarely use love when it comes to clothes.

We spent the rest of the day in Central Park making fun of bratty little kids and chicks who put booties on their designer dogs. Later that night, Kobe aka "the Lakers" made it to the NBA playoffs and Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game for the Phillies (only the 20th in MLB history)!


Who cares about Sunday other than the fact that there was still no rain in sight, I went back to Central Park to crash a picnic and then wasted 13 bucks on Sex and the City 2. Trust me, a review of that wretched movie is on its way. Moving on...


Picnic day! After a few last minute scrambles to get everything ready, the graduation picnic went off perfectly. The sun was bearable, a light breeze was blowing and we managed to find a patch of fluffy grass in the packed Sheep Meadow. It was such a wonderful time, I'm almost willing to go through the hassle of planning another park party in the future. Only next time might be a little more spontaneous and a little less reliant on the forecast.


  1. Congrats to Dama!

    And to you too, for the nearly equally difficult task of finding a dress to wear! :)

    Ack! the ketchup girl spilt beer? I suppose that's better than spilling ketchup!

    Got to love those pictures of y'all in the park! You look like you had a blast being carried around upside down.

  2. Yeah, actually I was laughing, squealing and screaming my head off! I hope you had a fun weekend yourself :)

  3. You had a great weekend!

    I am looking forward to see that dress.

    And whoa, Central Park was PACKED. Fun pics, love the one with you upside down.

  4. I want to go to your next picnic in Central Park. I love picnics and I love Central Park so that event just has me written all over it.

  5. I had an awesome memorial day weekend...i am officially burnt by that miami sun!!

  6. Congrats to your sis! It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating! Central Park is so pretty in the summer!

    Your beer story is really funny! It reminds me of this girl at work who put her drink next to her bottle of hot sauce! It so wasn't pretty! LOL!

    I can't wait to see your dress!

    Oh THAT movie! UGH! I was nicer than I should have been on my blog about it, but I walked out of the theater that night shaking my head in disbelief! I kept telling Gabe "This is what I was waiting on for the past 8 months! What a waste!" So very bad and I can't wait to here your take on it!

    PS I am so glad to see you so happy! :)

  7. It sounds like you're keeping yourself very busy...with FUN things. I'm envious. I'm just busy with WORK. Blah.

    Hubs liked the bits in the movie that related more to the male perspective on relationships/marriage. The whole tv/couch we don't have to be busy all the time bit. I guess that was a hint for me.

  8. sugarlens, yeah, I'm glad we were able to find a nice shady spot. The pictures from that day still make me smile.

    jen r, it's such a great spot for it. Plenty of people watching there.

    dariany, I'm glad you had such a fun time down there. Better have for missing out on our picnic :p

    joy, Ok, I FELT the pain that girl must have felt. Poor thing! It actually took me a sec to realize what I had done. As I was doing it, I was thinking, "Wow, this ketchup is flowing out so easily-AAAAAHHHH!" Yeah...

    tooj, I'm trying to, but it still seems like I have a lot more downtime then play time. Could be because I'm just home when everyone else is off working during the week. I need more unemployed friends.

  9. I just adore that one shot of the two of you! Had hubby tried that, he woulda hurt his back (and many other things) and I woulda cracked my head somethin fierce!


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