Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Phillies and the Lakers

I've a confession to make: I haven't watched a single Phillies game all season. I don't know how many wins they've managed or where they've played. In fact, I've been losing interest in the team altogether. When Roy Halladay completed that perfect game weeks ago, that was the first time I'd seen them in action and that was only at the bottom of the ninth.

I guess it doesn't help that deep down the reason why I started cheering for them was because I still wanted a connection to Mr. First - who, by the way, still keeps me up to date on his beloved team whenever he decides to e-mail. I guess now that time has blurred up our ties so much, I don't need to cling onto the past as hard. I'm ok with letting that go.

Now A. is from L.A. and in his eyes Kobe aka "The Lakers" can do no wrong. Before he popped into my life, I'd never seen an NBA game and now here I am slowly pushing aside the team I rushed around to see win the 2008 World Series and hoping the Lakers win the finals this week. It's becoming less of a forced activity as I've just started watching the games on my own or checking the score first thing in the morning as forecast into A.'s mood for the day.

Sports have been so important in these guys' lives and somehow they've manage to wrap me up in it. I'll still automatically check if a random guy's red cap has a "P" on it and I'll perk up if a Phillies game is on at a bar, but I've noticed that the closer I get to A. the looser my grip gets on the Phils.

That said, I wouldn't mind if basketball season were over before I got too caught up in it.

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  1. Oh pshhhh, let's see who's on top after tonight!!

  2. Take it back, Damaris! Take it back!

  3. I'm sorry Andrew =( I will NOT take it back. I hope you know that yesterday after watching Kobe lose.... I celebrated.

  4. Oh snap! Those are fighting words...

  5. Okay, I was alright with the whole Phillies thing because I wasn't a HUGE baseball fan. I like watching my home team but don't really dislike any other team based on rivalry.

    But this whole basketball thing? I'm taking it personal. I've always been a bit of a Celtics fan even when I claim to dislike the NBA. And now? They've got my Kansas boy Pierce so I automatically root for them. Kobe? Seriously? Purple ring buying, cheating with skanky blonde teens, KOBE?

    Dorkys...I expect more of you.

  6. You tell her Tooj! =) Dorkys, WE expect more of you.

  7. Oh trust me I'd been fighting it for a bit, too, (I cheered for the Suns during the semi-finals just to be contrary) but I look at it this way: when he's happy, Dorkys is happier. The last thing I want is him being a grumpy pants around me.

    And Dama, hush.

  8. Keep it up, Damaris! Someone needs to talk sense into her.

    And if your MAN can't take you rooting for another team...then he's no man. ;) Hubs and I are frequently rooting against one another in most sports...basically because he thinks I'll be hurt he's not on my side. Silly, silly man. I am WOMAN, and I pick my team! LOL

  9. I'm from LA and I'm a Clippers fan. :-) Actually, I used to love the Lakers, but I'm sick of them now.

    I'm seriously into the Angels (as you'll well remember, I'm sure) but I haven't ever dated a guy that was really into any particular sport or team. Which is kind of a bummer. I don't know how I keep finding these guys that don't like sports.

  10. :)

    The Ice Hockey season is way too long when they are still playing in June....

  11. The only sport I ever had an interest in myself was basketball. I liked footie (soccer) because of a boy, but other than that had no other interest in sports. I lost interest in the footie about when I married hubby, though half heartedly followed the team I had supported. Now though, I I have no interest in any sport, because it's hard to enjoy something you can't share in properly, if you know what I mean.

  12. I love your blog title. It's so unique. Basketball...I'm a big fan. Thanks for the post.


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