Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway: Sex is Fun!

Now that Sex is Fun! is finally out, I figured one of you would love to win a copy for your own naughty pleasure. Here's what A.and I had to say about the book in our sex guides roundup a couple months ago...

Author Kidder Kaper, a sex game designer and host of the Sex is Fun podcasts, has created this cool comic book-style sex manual that might draw your guy's attention, which is great if you want to get him involved in your exploration. You can go through Sex is Fun! together, discovering each others likes and dislikes through the workbook-style activities and find ways to bump up your sex life along the way. I actually enjoyed the workbook pages and think it can help the timid types start a discussion with their partner. Who knows? You might discover you both have superhero fantasies you'd like to play out.

A. says: I like it because it treats sex the way it should be treated - it's fun! Though it might shock people. There's the graphic gay sex and if you're not prepared for that it might make you uncomfortable. I think the workbook activities are cheesy though. I'll do whatever the fuck I want so if I see something I like, I don't need a worksheet to prompt me to do it. But I like it. It's entertaining, exciting and completely vulgar.

So just leave a comment below and a random winner will be chosen on Friday!

CONGRATULATIONS: K. Rock is this week's winner!


  1. hhmmm this could be interesting ;)

  2. This sounds like a ton of fun! And any possible way to get the channels of communication opened up about sex is tops on my list.

  3. my fiance loves comics so this might be good... haha

  4. Oooh... Comic book... Wants to win!

    I promise to read articles as well as look at pictures if I wins...


  5. Oh now this could be a fun book to add to my collection.

  6. Sounds like an excellent book worth having! I agree sex is fun, there is absolutely nothing serious about it! It is just a matter of making the most of it and appreciating two people in the powerful magic that it creates.

  7. sex IS fun! my man would love a new book to read. hehe

  8. Hope I'm not too late. I would like this book.


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