Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Ever since I started running a few weeks ago, I've been absolutely famished in the mornings. I need potatoes, eggs, plantains or some other hearty meal before I get started on my day. And on top of that, somewhere along the last several months I finally crawled back up to my regular weight! After two years of beating myself up for being too skinny, I'm feeling healthy, happy and ready for a few more pounds. So with that in mind, here are a few breakfast-inspired goodies I've come across recently...

How cute are these daisy-shaped egg fry rings? They make it so tempting to eat half a dozen of these babies and clog up my arteries in the process.

I wish my dad had time for this when I was little: Jim likes to make awesome pancakes for his three-year-old girl in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, games, anything. Kinda makes the regular ones look so unappetizing.

Mmm, I haven't had french toast in a while (pancakes are another story), but this cheery recipe looks like it'd hit the spot. Have you ever had yours with bananas and honey? And if you're not a lazy out-the-box chef like me, here's a recipe for banana pancakes, too.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but this guide is pretty handy for those who can't wake up without their perfect cup of joe. In the meantime, my jittery self will stick to the oj.

But if I did drink coffee, I'd totally want to drown little sugar bunnies in my cup! Or hearts and butterflies and...

Images: williams-sonoma.com, mustardandsage.wordpress.com, theydrawandcook.com, designspongeonline.com and epicute.com


  1. Yikes I don't eat breakfast, however these cute things make me want to!

    L x


  2. I'm so happy to hear all of this! You NEED to eat breakfast....all the people "before" us had hearty meals before heading out at dawn for a hard day's work. It's no coincidence that they were much healthier (albeit shorter lifespans) than we are today. And there is no coincidence, either, that your appetite and your weight have shifted in correlation with your amount of exercise. :) Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism. Exercise increases your muscle mass. It's all good, all the way around. How far have you started going? I know you'd gotten up to a mile without walking....

  3. I'm up to about 1.5 miles without stopping. It's been way too hot some days to improve any faster.

  4. :)

    Its so obvious A. is a good influence on you.

    And you seem to be so much happier. And selfishly, I'm glad about that, 'cause that means your brilliant smile is showing more each day.

  5. I've been on a breakfast kick lately, too.

    If only I had the patience to make those awesome pancakes. Is that guy the coolest dad ever or what?

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