Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google Search Stories

I just came across Google Search Stories on Sugarlens and wanted to share. The YouTube feature lets you create a mini movie via Google searches and then select a soundtrack to tell your story. Here's a short and sweet one I stumbled upon and loved:

It's just another way Google is trying to take over our lives. What would your story say?


  1. This was actually really nice to watch! It's so strange how most of us use google to literally find out ANYTHING! Nice post :)

    L x

  2. I really do use it for everything and it seems that every site I go to, Google either owns it, is behind it or is tied to it in some way! Even my phone is run by Google.

  3. very cute. and yes, google is taking over the world, its kinda scary. but then again, it makes our lives so much easier.

  4. I do use Google...but...I might be a less frequent user than most. I can't recall the last time I used it...? Hubs, on the other hand, is googling all the time. I do love how it's become a verb.

  5. Oh... a new toy to play with.

    *emails self the link to play with later*


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