Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hooray the weekend's here! I've been a busy little bee the last few days so I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit and hopefully sleeping in tomorrow. A. and I also have plans to go to a beach in Jersey, which will be fun because neither one of us have ever beached there :)

A wonderful reminder about being thankful for what you have.
Who knew The Count could be so vulgar?
An Old Spice voicemail generator?! Niiice!
In this week's WTF news: bite marks are the new hickey.
After checking out these ice cube trays, the regular ones just seem so...regular.
Perfectionism could ruin your sex life and kill you.
The man whose grades your grades could be like.
I love me some Google doodles! Any recent faves?

And I'd just like to say there's just way too many cute and teeny babies on my Google Reader right now. How can I keep my biological clock quiet when there's this, this and this?! They're everywhere! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go revert a couple years, play dress up and film some karaoke vlogs...


  1. Hope you are having lots of fun in Jersey right now!

    PS. Anna can't wait to be pals with mini Dorkys when the time comes!

  2. ::fingaz crossed:: "Please do 'California Gurls'..."

  3. I have to go visit sugarlens and cup of jo to see those babes. :) your clock will stay quiet until JUST the right time....upon which you'll question if it's the right time over a hundred times. no matter what, it will be. I hope your Friday and weekend were spectacular.

  4. I hear ya on the babies. Got an email from one of my friends. She had a new little one last week. *sigh*

    Very nice reminder. *makes note to be more thankful for what I have*

    Won't be showing hubby the article on the biting. Just got him broken of leaving hickies, don't need to be giving him any other ideas...

    Love the doodles..I always look forward to seeing what will get posted next. So talented!

    I think someone needs to do a mash-up of the Count video with the Double Rainbow dude's.... just saying.

    Better yet.... how about a OS treatment with DRD's voice? Could you imagine the messages you'd get?
    This is the man your man could be like if he just played with double rainbows...


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