Friday, July 30, 2010

Karaoke: Plain White T's, "1, 2, 3, 4"

And today's the day I finally meet A.'s family! Hopefully they like me and hopefully they don't see this video of me acting a fool before we meet. I pulled out the souvenir CD from last year's wedding #2 and this song got stuck in my head again. By the way, this is the outfit I'll be wearing at tonight's welcome dinner before tomorrow's wedding festivities. I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I love how girly it makes me feel. Aaack!


  1. I think they'll like you even more if they see this video ahead of time! Good luck!

  2. They totally need to see this video before meeting you! I know that's not possible NOW...but they should. A should sneak in the computer before walking you in. :)

    Loved it! Thanks for the karaoke! I really like this song. Always sing along in the car...but I won't ever be karaoke singing. No way, no how. You'd be scratching your ears off.

    Good luck today!!! You won't need it, but there it is. :) Happy Friday.

  3. i love that song and you sing it so lovely! they will love you! good luck. oh and cute dress.

  4. So totally cute. I love these little karaoke times! :)

    Good luck - but you don't look like you'll need it.

  5. :)

    You look marvelous in that dress. A's family are gonna love you no matter what...

    ...and of course they will love the mustand convertible too...

  6. I love that dress! And, someday, when meeting my boy's girlfriend, I would much rather know that she karoakes, looks the fool sometimes, and enjoys laugh. I would much rather that than someone....boring. Yuck! :)


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