Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's Your Favorite Summer Drink?

I keep having these sudden cravings for Jamba Juice's Five Fruit Frenzy...and then decide to keep my wallet happy by making myself a strawberry and banana milk shake instead. (It doesn't compare.)

Image: theydrawandcook.com


  1. Hmm, I'm not massive on milkshakes or any fancy drinks. Summer I normal settle for a nice Lemonade and Lime :)

    L x

    Half Dressed

  2. I'm not supposed to drink sweet stuff - but I can sniff them and drool all I want.

    I guess a really icey artificially sweetened Ice Tea is my favorite... (so lame and boring huh?)

  3. I'm really loving Starbucks' passion fruit tea right now. so delicious and refreshing!

    I also have some Jamba Juice frozen packs from costco. You just mix them with some apple juice and save a trip to the store!


    p.s. you've got an award! :)http://littlegrayfox.blogspot.com/2010/07/spreading-sunshine.html

  4. Wait, there are frozen packs of Jamba Juice?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me??

  5. Um, I'm just on a water diet. Oh, and one coke a day. I don't really do the sweet drinks....don't know why. I've got a big sweet tooth for candy and such. Strange. Hubs is always getting slushes from QuikTrip however.

  6. Yeah, I banned myself from buying juice a couple weeks ago because it was just too hot. I knew if I bought any juice, I'd go through the carton in a day and would go bankrupt in the process. So it was all about the water for those days.


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