Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling so unbelievably listless these days even though there's a mountain of things I could and should be doing. I blame August and the Internet; it's just too hot to move. Even Toby's taken to lying around like a vegetable...

These 3D door stickers are pretty cool. I'd want one to lead me right into the photo above.
Newsflash: TV reporters are ruthless creatures! They destroy sand castles, giant Jenga towers, ice sculptures and knock over children with no remorse. Well, maybe a little.
How pretty is this corset ring?
Need help in the English department? Then meet Grammar Girl and follow FakeAPStylebook for quick and easy tips on how to not sound like a moron.

And Summer Streets is back in NYC. For the next three weekends, Park Avenue will temporarily close down to vehicles and host a selection of summer activities:

- Register by 5 pm today for tomorrow's New York Road Runners 5-mile Fun Run.
- Go for a Joy Ride: a group bike ride set to music that ends with a picnic in Central Park.
- Go dumpster diving: MacroSea has turned clean, unused shipping containers into pools, which will be located near Grand Central Terminal.
- Head to SoHo to catch the New York International Fringe Festival's theater shorts and play samplers.



  1. That corset ring is fabulous! I love unique pieces like that. So cool.

  2. Hm...thanks for this info. I think I'm gonna pass on the Dumpster Diving. Nice idea though.

  3. I'm scared sewer fishing will be next. lol

  4. Ooh, I'm going to have to follow Grammar Girl. I think I'm pretty good with my writing skills, but it never hurts to brush up. And I like reading things that prove me right. lol

  5. Hey! Sign me up for some of that dumpster diving!!!


    Hope you feel less listless (now that you have a list) and gosh, poor Toby.. a vegetable? I hope he's a good one and not like, well, a brussel sprout.

  6. I love that big picture! Is that how it is going to be from now on? haven't mentioned about him in a long time, how's it doing? (Besides lying around like a vegetable.)

  7. I'll take about anythng over th 5 miles run. That even makes dumpster diving sound like fun. Better yet, I'll join Toby.

  8. What a beautiful picture!! (In case you don't get back to my blog, the laundry detergent works quite well. About as good as anything else I've used.)

  9. You're feeling listless and I'm feeling very, very anxious to get out and about. We took a two hour drive to my mom's Tuesday morning and returned that two hour drive late that night. I drove an hour Thursday evening to hang for three, and then drove back at midnight. I am fearing the end of my maternity leave. Seriously fearing it.

  10. hey dorkys! glad you enjoyed your cali trip. next time you come back, we should definitely meet up, i will show you around SF :)

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  12. Lying around like a vegetable..thats exactly what I've been doing today! But then weekends are meant to be for that right? I too blame the Internet..although not the heat :)
    It aint hot enough here for that!


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