Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Gangster Ways to Quit Your Job

If you thought cursing out your flight passengers, grabbing a beer from the beverage cart and then escaping the plane via emergency slide was one gangster way to quit your job, then meet Jenny.
Upset with her sleazy boss, Jenny supposedly decided to quit to her job yesterday morning through an awesome series of dry erase board photos, which she then sent to every other employee at the firm. In them, she reveals how her boss Spencer called her a hot piece of ass and just how "productive" he is on the computer. Way to stick up for yourself, girl! View her resignation here.
UPDATE: So apparently "Jenny's" story was a hoax, but it was an entertaining one nonetheless. Thanks for the tip, A.!

Images: thechive.com


  1. I have been sharing this all day, its so great!

  2. Now there's someone who wont be forgotten in a hurry. ;)

  3. Such a smart girl! I freaking LOVE IT.

  4. Laffs at A's comment.


    I hope he shares 'em.

  5. This is about 100 different kinds of awesome. Her facial expressions make it even better! Haha! Go girl!

  6. It's been admitted by this site that it was a hoax. :p

  7. There are days when this seems tempting. Not initialize emergency escape plan and be arrested by airport police dramatic, but some gesture is necessary.
    Stopping by from SITS

  8. LMAO if it were true that woulda been awesome. Maybe I'll pull that off myself some day.


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