Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Printable Paper People

For babysitters, cheap parents or people like me who have too much time on their hands: check out these little characters you can download for free, print and build yourself. Dro and Pink can be found on Readymech while Finley and Slick can be downloaded from Cubeecraft. All four were really easy to make (though I recommend using thick/photo paper) and even though they look a little bizarre, I think they still look cute perched on my desk.

P.S. And if this is small potatoes for you, then Canon's Creative Park has some intense paper crafts available for free download. Lord knows this Halloween masterpiece took PATIENCE to build.


  1. How crafty! I am going to share this w/ my mommie friends. Thanks!

    It's @thatgalkiki from Twitter.


  2. Thanks! Hope it helps entertain the rug-rats for a little bit.

  3. :) I love the "Pecola-like" penguin one....

  4. If I were a stay at home, I'd be calling you first thing for crafty ideas and websites. :)


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