Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Digital Dating Dos and Don'ts

Sometimes technology works wonders to help a relationship move along, (how many long distance relationships would've ever stood a chance without it?), but it can easily take over and zap the romance if you let it play too big a role. How many many of us would rather chat online all night than speak on the phone to set up a date? Or how many of you can admit to getting jealous after going through his Facebook photos? While nothing can replace face-to-face contact when feeling someone out, technology does have it's benefits as well as drawbacks and these days it's important to know where the line falls. Here's how to know when you're taking digital dating way too far.

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  1. In some ways I think it's a shame technology has gotten to the point it has. In other ways I'm glad it has. If it hadn't then I wouldn't have all the friends I do now, and I wouldn't have met my hubby.

    Internet dating isn't an entirely bad thing, nor is it an entirely good thing. It's like everything... Can be good or bad, depending on if it's used well or abused.

  2. NO matter what, tech or no tech, dating is scary! I think

  3. Definitely. That's probably why I tried it once and then went on hiatus for nearly two years after that breakup.

  4. I do believe I am very, very happy to have found Hubs before the blow up of social networking. AND...? I'm very, very happy that he doesn't like a lot of the internet stuff out here. He lets me have my addiction, but knows I'm usually just reading and chatting with girls. :) I MEAN....educated and savvy women, networking for a purpose. Ha!

  5. What is this thing you call "dating"?


    I'm a mechanical engineer and I've always been very ambivalent about technology. If we'd only stop making weapons with it...

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