Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

I got practically no sleep last night, but it wasn't because I gave Toby away. No, in fact it's because I didn't give him away that I didn't sleep well at all. After some last minute yes, no, maybe so on whether this chick was picking him up yesterday, I received a text late in the workday saying that she wanted to swing by later that night. Of course that meant I had to scramble to get him clean and ready, pack up his things, clean the house, fight back tears and ask A. if he could still come over for some support and comfort.

And guess what? She never showed. No messages, nothing. So of course once A. and I headed to bed Toby began his incessant barking...until 3 AM (he's never taken to people sleeping over). At that point I was at my wit's end and finally decided to take one for the team: at least one of us should get some rest for today's trip and I didn't want A. to suffer through this. So I dragged myself to the living room, plopped Toby on the couch and fell asleep with him. My neck is still in pain.

The best part? When I told A. about the barking and sleepless night, he hadn't a clue what I was talking about; he was damn near comatose through the whole ordeal. Grrrr...

By the way, what are you guys up to for Halloween? I want to get dressed up and head to the annual parade down in Greenwich Village, but I've no clue what to be! Well at least I'm ready on the candy front. A. and I just popped into Dylan's Candy Bar and stocked up on gummy bears and gummy lobsters. Too bad they probably won't last past this afternoon's flight down to D.C.



  1. Have a safe trip!! I'm in San Francisco headed to Reno for a Halloween concert! Can't wait! Have fun in DC!

  2. So, what happens now with Toby?

    I'm baking some Harry Potter themed food tomorrrow (Saturday) then sending some of it with my hubby and brother for their "Harry Potter Halloween tuck" for the gaming club session that's on Halloween afternoon. The rest is staying here, and Mam is coming to spend the evvening with me. We're going to munch on Harry Potter goodies while waiting to see if any kids show up (got a big tub of sweets for any that come). I've got a couple of bits to use to decorate for Sunday, including a pumpkin that I plan to carve in the morning (I have to do it tomorrow, because I need the pumpkin insides to make pumpkin pasties and pumpkin spice muffins (which I'm making instead of cauldron cakes, because cauldron cakes are basically cupcakes with a bit cut off them to shape the top, then turned upside down so they look cauldron shaped, so I decided to just use the leftover pumpkin mixture from making the pasties, add it to the cake mixture with some spices, and just leave it at that). If you're wondering, I'm also making chocolate frogs and bat biscuits. I was going to make licorice wands too, but I forgot to get thhe licorice, and I'm not going all the way up town - or sending the hubby - just for a couple of bits of licorice. Especially since I'm the only one who knows for sure what I'm making. Oh, and I'm making pumpkin juice, and butterbeer too.

    I found all the recipes online in various places, so I snagged them... They're on my recipe blog.

  3. Sorry about all the typos. In my defence, it's around midnight here!

  4. Hey, D!

    Hope you guys are having fun in D.C. I'm not gonna be dressing up at all this Halloween. I will be watching the World Series that night with Z and a few friends...which is actually fine with me. Honestly...I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. I don't particularly like dressing up in costumes and I don't even care for candy that much (ohmygod, I sound like such an old lady), so I'm gonna stop pretending to love it and just be a happy observer this year.

    Z and I went to Greenwich Village a couple of years ago and made the mistake of not getting there until sundown. By that point we couldn't see ANYTHING but the tops of peoples heads in the parade. You and A. should get there mad early otherwise you guys will be swimming in a rowdy audience of Lady Gagas and slutty firemen in high heels unable to see the REAL freaks.

    See you Tuesday!

  5. Hope things go well with Toby. It's always sad when you realize you can't keep a beloved pet.

    Not much going on for Halloween for me -- I have tons of papers to grade, but I'm planning to take some time off and bake today as well. Hope you have a fantastic Halloween, my dear!

  6. Oh boy... that's really a bad sign - I'm sure this Toby adopted parent prospect wasn't going to be good news in the long run.

    I'll have to read a bunch to get caught up with you.


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