Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ikea Cookbook: Homemade is Best

Remember how much I loved Ikea way back when I moved out on my own? (That's for you four original readers and side note: can you believe that was 2.5 years ago? Yipers...) Well now they're making me smile again with their new baking book Hembakat är Bäst, or Homemade is Best, which contains 30 traditional Swedish recipes. The quirk behind the book's design lies in how each recipe is presented: the focus is on the ingredients, which are artfully laid out as still-life portraits and so visually appealing, with the yummy result on the following page. Forsman & Bodenfors, the team behind Ikea's new kitchen appliance campaign, decided to create the 140-page coffee table book using high fashion and Japanese minimalism as inspiration. Carl Kleiner served as photographer while Evelina Bratell did the styling.

Too bad, it's currently only available in Sweden, but it's been generating so much buzz that hopefully it'll be up for grabs in the states soon. Fingers crossed!



  1. Oh how cool is that!!

    ...and how'd did I ever get so far behind in reading your blog???

    Umm.. so what was it that had you squirming... and you told us to wait for?? Did I miss something...

  2. That food looks scrumptious. I wish I was more inclined to cook.

  3. looks good...and easy to...BUILD (lmao i crack myself up)

    PS Am i part of the original four?

  4. What a clever way to display ingredients! Someone was very creative.

  5. Hubby and I are the newest IKEA fans. I am so impressed with their packaging. They can fit everything in one tiny box!

    Neat book!

  6. That is such creative book! It looks so cute it makes me even want to cook. LOL! Gosh I can't believe it has been 2.5 years! I think we met through our blogs not long after that! I remember your Ikea pictures you had. That reminds me I need to go buy some indoor plants there this weekend! :)


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