Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday

Goodness I don't think I can handle another whole week of rain and gloom. I already have such a case of the blahs that not even the thought of Tuesday night card design class is snapping me out of it. Too many other things are occupying my mind like relationship blips, dog dilemmas and staying warm in this winter-like weather. I shall bounce back soon.



  1. I agree! We have been having too much rain lately...and gray skies...and cold weather...and just general blaaah!

  2. I think there were enough thoughts there for an entire Mumble today. :) The rain WILL go away....class will cheer you up even if you don't think it will....dogs, eh....relationships, much is overrated. LOL

    I hope your day is ending well.

  3. rain rain go away come again another day! lol well let's just move on and always remember that there's always a sunshine after the rain people=)Let's just enjoy it

  4. I know the week is just starting, but this weekend promises to be sunny. Hang in there.

  5. You know why there are so many celebrations at this time of year, don't you?

    It was our ancester's attempts to shake off the same Winter blues you are currently feeling.

  6. Hey.. the sunshine is out there today!!

    dog dilemmas?? whats happening?


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