Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

Guess what? Tomorrow A. and I celebrate our one year anniversary! By one year I mean from the day we met at that blogger meet-up because even though we started dating a few days later, we just never bothered to look that date up in a calendar and the 4th just stuck. We'll be seeing Black Swan, grabbing something to eat at some point in the day and then heading to a sexy party at night.

Even though I said no presents were necessary, I just couldn't resist making him a little gift this week. Using this DIY holiday mini book for inspiration, I made A. a tiny booklet made with textured paper and filled with lots of love. And because I'm the worst at keeping gifts a secret (are you?), I gave it to him last night. He was speechless and my head was quite woozy when he finally finished kissing me. I wish I could relive his reaction all over again. *Le sigh*

A Christmas candy box printable (+ tons of holiday tags and labels).
These mugs made me smirk.
WTF posters.
What a divine + sweet idea.
A simple yet festive holiday invite download.
A raindrop melody maker.
Such a colorful little tree, but too much work me thinks.
Loving this lace and stamps gift wrap idea.
A fun DIY advent calendar with window punch outs.

Artsy events this weekend:
Paper Source Brooklyn's Grand Opening Celebration
Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale
Holiday Handmade Cavalcade

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary Dorkys and A.!

    :) Wow! Time is a'flyin'...

  2. Such a cute present! Happy anniversary! Stopping by from SITS :-)

  3. Happy anniversary! :)

    I'm glad he liked your gift.

    I'm good at keeping gifts a secret. I didn't used to be when I was a child... I was always the one you could get information from if others weren't talking. But I'm better at keeping secrets now I'm not a child any more.

  4. Awwwwww. So Sweet. Seriously. Adorable. Can I steal this mini book idea? I think you just gave me inspiration for the handmade gift I've been wanting to make my mom and dad for xmas from the kids. You're the best! And A...thanks for giving her the inspiration and love to do this and share. :)

  5. Damn...if a guy ever does something like that for me...I might completely melt. UG...I WANT LOVE! (but it's impossible...a man like me is so irresponsible!)

  6. oh wow I totally missed this last week. Happy Anniversary guys, hope you enjoyed ::))

  7. Happy belated anniversary! Homemade gifts are the sweetest.

  8. That is such a cute gift. I love things like that.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too, and happy anniversary to you both! Loooooove kissing til I'm weak in the knees--sounds lovely :)


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