Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minimalist Muppets Art Print

I was never much of a Muppet fan (LOVED the Muppet Babies though!), but this simple, modern portrait of the characters caught my eye. Can you identify them all 'cause I sure can't. (via ohdeedoh)



  1. That's really cool. I loved the Muppets!

    I can't identify them all, though. I'm pretty sure I can do most of them.

  2. Oh I love the Muppets. :)

    Lets see...

    Top left to right - Kermit, Animal(or Fozzy Bear?), Swedish Chef, hmmm... this is tough...

    bottom row - 2nd from right, Miss Piggy..with maybe Rowlf the Dog to her right...

    You know there are like over 1,000 characters (including the ones on Sesame Street...)

  3. Rizzo the Rat is upper right...

    Sam the Eagle is send from left on bottom row...

    I think the lips in the center are Janice.. to her left is Sgt Floyd Pepper..

    Camilla the Chicken center - bottom row..

    Gonzo to her left?

    :) This might be a little to minimalist... LOL!

  4. I was a huge muppet fan as a child...heck, still am! I absolutely love this art print. Gonna have to share it with some of my friends. Thanks! Jenn

  5. I can identify most of them, but the one on the top right looks a bit obscene!

  6. Left to right.

    Top row: Kermit, Fozzie, the Swedish Chef, Scooter (he was the gofer in the back with the green satin jacket), Waldorf (old man heckler), Statler (old man heckler), Rizzo the Rat
    Middle Row: Dr Teeth, Zoot (he was the Sax player),Sgt Floyd Pepper,Janice, not sure who that pink one is yet (could be one of the male pigs Link Hogthrob or Dr Julius Strangepork?), Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker
    Bottom row: Sweetums, Sam the Eagle, Gonzo, Camilla the hen, Miss Piggy and Rolf

    What??? No ANIMAL ??????????? That is so totally unfair!

  7. Now that I look at it again, Im betting that one nestled between Janice and Dr Honeydew IS indeed Animal. It would be the proper placement for him PLUS I'm guessing that the black bar on Sweetums and Sam the Eagle represents their dark, heavy eyebrows which Animal also had. If that's the case, the artist didn't quite get his color right because Animal wasn't that shade of pink... he was orange with a reddish hair on his face...


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