Friday, December 24, 2010

Spotlight: The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Every holiday season, Bryant Park becomes a small wonderland filled with artisan boutiques surrounding the skating rink. So if you still need a last minute gift for your family and friends, The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park is a fun marketplace to meander through. (P.S. While you're there, pass by No Chewing Allowed for free French truffle samples and Vegetarian Oasis for a yummy black bean burrito.) There are more than 125 shops to peek into and I wish they all had websites, but alas, I won't be able to show you the cute animal knitted hats and earmuffs Wild Kingdom has to sell. Below are some picks from the other shops that caught my eye on a recent afternoon stroll.

1. Music Sheet Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design; 2. Tiny Double Drop Leaf Necklace; 3. Reminder Bow Ring; 4. Delicate Square Necklace all by By Boe; 5. Her Escape travel gift set by Sabon; 6. Tea for Two by Shinzi Katoh Design (found in J-Wave shop); 7. Rosie Cheeks Tootsie Owl Green bag by Nahui Ollin.

Already done with your holiday shopping? Then pop on over and find something for yourself. The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park are open through January 2nd. Happy holidays!

Images: all from linked sources


  1. Lovely finds! Wish I was there to check out that area. Sounds like fun. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. It is really fun when you have your very own tour guide! :) I can't believe it has been a year since we were up there! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a safe trip to California!

  3. That tea set is very cute! Have fun in Cali with A!

  4. I think you have to actually window shop in order to enjopy the magic anyway...


    Merry Christmas Dorkys - and may the new year bring you much happiness, joy and love.

  5. I hope you're all having a merry Christmas with your family and friends. Thanks for the warm holiday wishes.

  6. LOVE the froggie tea for two set!! So sweet!

    Merry Christmas Sweetie!!!!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful place. I so wish I lived near someplace called The Vegetarian Oasis!

  8. too cute!! This sounds like many of the little shops that pop up around the holidays in Portland. I LOVE it! :)


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