Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

I feel like I finally managed to work a full week and now it's time for yet another long weekend. Before you say anything I should explain that I'm on as a contractor. Ergo, no work, no pay. Still, I won't mind getting some time to rest and turn my attention on a couple other things like painting, bowling and dinner with friends and playing with the new toys I finally connected and installed. Oh, and staying warm and cozy. What do you have in store this weekend? I mean other than checking out these links I stumbled upon...



  1. Have a wonderful weekend! (Although I already know you will)

  2. I get a 3 day weekend and I feel very blessed.

  3. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm not big on rat pets, but this photo is really cute.

    I hope you've been having a great time. You always seem to be doing SOMEthing. As you should. :)

  5. No semi-scary movies this weekend, I just watched 'Up in the Air' on DVD which was interested. It's about this man (George Clooney) who is hired to go around the country and do massive firings, so basically he lives in the air. I liked it, it wasn't phenomonal (sp?) but it was just okay.


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