Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's My Birthday and It's Starting to Snow

But I love when it snows on my day. I remember being a child and hearing my mom tell me how snow symbolized good luck and that I was born in the midst of a blizzard. I always looked forward to snowfalls on birthdays, feeling special as I'd walk to school with flakes in my hair. And even though I now doubt the existence of some higher being, I have to admit it still feels like a secret gift sent down just for me.

Today I received so many birthday wishes from family and friends, was surprised with a fruit arrangement delivery from my sister, heard from my mom who's still in DR, was surprised again by my sis with daffodil buds in a cup, took a lunch break with a coworker friend and then had an intimate dinner with A. at Delmonico's.

And the bow on top of the day? The snow that's currently covering the city.

Image: weheartit.com


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I'm so glad that you love snow on your special day.

    By the end of February, I'm always sick of winter. (Yes, we get "winter" even in Southern California. Our own version, anyway.) Almost every single year, my birthday ends up being the most beautiful day of February. I love it.

  2. Happy *actual* Birthday! I love snow too!

  3. awe, how sweet. Happy Birthday. Hope it was magical ;)

  4. what a lovely day, indeed. daffodils in a cup might just be the sweetest thing, ever.

    happy birthday again, dorkys! ;)

  5. Belated happy birthday from me!

    Sounds like you had a great day! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Dorkys!!

    Sorry I'm late... I had to shovel snow to get to the Internet...

    (well, that's my excuse I'm sticking with it...)

  7. Happy belated birthday! I hope you aren't as snowed in as you guys were in December!

  8. Happy belated birthday! I can't believe another one has rolled around - I remember this very similar post last year!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I am glad you had a beautiful snowfall to make your birthday even more special! :)

  10. People give such good reasons for liking snow...and this is a good one. I agree. It symbolizes good luck? I hope it does for you. It only symbolizes slick roads and cold, but eh...I'll try and take a more positive approach with it. Just for you.


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