Thursday, January 13, 2011

That's Why I'm So Googleble

Mr. First just sent along this link to the 10 Christian Names You Don't Really Hear and guess whose name - or the one it's derived from - made the list? Mine! (And yes, he and I still keep in touch.)

By the way, Nebuchadnezzar?! Good gravy and I thought I had it bad.


  1. My mom's name is Dorcas. She really hates it when someone spells it: Dorcus!

  2. My mom mentioned it above but my grandma's name is Dorcas. I thought it was hilarious that her nickname used to be Dork. There are a lot of biblical names that could have been worse!

  3. Could we rename A "Gomer" so that we can have Dorcas and Gomer? I like the ring of it......

  4. Well... Tabitha, now I understand where your name comes from - and it suits you.

    Etheidwithas makes my tongue and mouth hurt...

    Laffs@Tooje's comment and that "To Anglo Saxon ears, there's a sort of masculinity about the sound of Gomer" - All I can see is an otf-times bewildered US Marine going "Surprise! Surprise! Suprise!"

  5. I like Dorkys!

    Radbod is pretty hilarious though.


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