Monday, January 31, 2011

A Toilet Paper Whodunnit

This weekend I had some guests over: A., my sister and her boyfriend, Dad and my godparents (who'd surprised us all with their first trip to the U.S. from D.R. the week before, but more on that later). Imagine my lovely surprise when I go to reach for the toilet paper the next morning and realize that someone had the AUDACITY to change the roll from UNDER to OVER!

"I hate youuuuu!" I instantly yelled at A. through the bathroom door. We'd just finished fake fighting and clearly - clearly! - this was his sick form of payback.

Yeah...the fool had no idea what I was talking about.

Next, I interrogated my sister about her boyfriend's ill will towards my under preferences, but they also assured me that it wasn't him who committed the crime. So unless it was the older folks who took it upon themselves to just up and change my roll's orientation (weirdos), someone's lying. 'Cause I'd surely hate to think it was ME who absentmindedly put it on that way. Then again, I still haven't bothered to turn it back.


  1. It's *possible* that I *might* have been guilty of flipping OVER someone's toilet paper roll in their own house once or twice... Allegedly...

  2. LOL...

    I would NEVER change the orientation of the TP in someone else's house.


  3. I didn't do it... I wasn't there. Although, if I had been there, then I would have done it.

    *Evil laugh*

  4. It was me.

    I always make sure to switch the TP to the over orientation whenever I see it installed incorrectly.

    People who prefer under are misseducated and need correction.

    (But seriously - why in the world do you prefer under?)

  5. 1. I grew up in an "under" household.
    2. It seems neater when the paper rolls neatly against the back surface.
    3. It looks more prone to being accidentally unrolled onto the floor.
    4. I just do.

  6. I'm an "over" girl myself. I think it started when we went to a fancy hotel and they had the tp "over" and then folded into a perfect triangle. It looked "finished"...??? It stuck and it has been that way ever since. I will change the direction in my own home. Never would I touch another person's tp. That is just wrong.


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