Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

I know Puxatawhatshisface didn't see his shadow so Spring is supposedly on it's way soon, but that's a bit hard to buy at the moment (who made groundhogs the boss of warm weather anyway?). There's more snow on the way and the freezing temps are not melting the ice we already have to trudge through. At least I finally got some snow boots so I don't have to waddle around the streets like a little penguin. You did good, Pumas, but now it's time for some invincibility ish. I shall avoid lake-sized puddles no more!

Inspiring quotes + art mash-up.
I've never been amazed by a locksmith shop 'til now.
These tiny necklace planters are adorable, but would you actually wear one?
I'm pretty sure I want to live in this house (that view!) and sleep in this bed.
Free compliments anyone? And share the warm fuzzies while you're at it.
Infographic on laziness in the workplace. (P.S. I immediately caught a typo. Can you?)
Forget regular flashcards. I'm raising my child on the Periodic Table of Elements. B is for Boron!


  1. Hey! Punxy Pete is for us folks in Pennsylvania - you need to listen to your own GroundHog!!!

    Yes, Staten Island Chuck!!


    Whistle Pigs (as they call 'em locally) aside - I'm ready for some sunshine and ice melting warmth. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Those pics are awesome! Makes me miss walking through those streets! At least until the snow becomes, gray, black, yellow and other questionable colors!
    p.s. I love your blog!

  3. Love the pictures!

    If I were that poor ground hog I would have bit the fool that tried to make me go out in that freezing weather! It is actually so cold here that pretty much everything is shut down. The freeways are complete pretty snow though! :/

    Hope you have been doing well! I am off to check out your links now. You always find the coolest things! :) Happy Friday! Ooh and I looked for your magazine at Target and didn't see it. I am going to pick it up at Barnes and Noble!

  4. I'm inclined to disagree with that there groundhog too! Especially with how cold it is today. Kero and I only went for a short walk, but by the time we got back I was freezing cold... Despite the coat and gloves, and the fact I don't feel the cold easily! Spring? Spring? Where are you Spring?

  5. Hah, the wearable planter is kind of neat... I just know I would forget to water it, though. Love the key building!


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